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a press for shaping cheese curd

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It states that the Courtroom would replace the Cheese Press cafe, which closed in 2006, and implies there are no other cafes nearby, which is clearly wrong.
It's true that the Courtroom is not a direct replacement for the Cheese Press, although the people running the Courtroom ran the Cheese Press previously and are known as the Cheese Press girls.
One of the UK's leading speciality organic sheep milk and organic cow's milk cheese manufacturers, Sussex High Weald Dairy, has recently invested in a brand new cheese press to help improve quality and increase capacity of its hand made, award winning cheeses.
Western Mechanical Handling UK Ltd, based at Callington in Cornwall, has supplied a cheese press with a maximum capacity of 60 cheese moulds.
Line a cheese press with cheesecloth, scoop curds into the press and fold over any excess cheesecloth.
You don't need a cheese press to make it, and it can be eaten fresh.
At the rear of the house is a service courtyard with a dairy, cheese press room, abattoir, salting and smoking room, laundry, brewery and servants' bedrooms.
Printed in a single colour, the new labels evoke the traditions of farmhouse cheese manufacture with an illustration of the original farmhouse and cheese press.
I have a Sears two-to-three gallon electric butter churn, cheese press, mold and wax to sell if anyone's interested.
We still had our gold and silver and our pressure canner and Squeezo and cheese press and cream separator, and most of all I have my 20 years of experience with gardening, making bread, canning, etc.
Her husband bought a cheese press home from an auction.
Several readers asked how to make the cheese press pictured in Jan.
In the same mail with the above tip came a request from a reader asking where she can find a part for her cheese press.
Hint: It's easy to make a simple cheese press by removing the bottom from a 3-lb.