cheese fondue

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fondue made of cheese melted in wine for dipping bread and sometimes fruits

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Winning an award for consumer convenience, Emmi's All In One Fond is a ready-to-eat cheese fondue contained in a microwaveable metal bowl.
A four-course dining experience is available to allow diners to indulge on cheese fondue, salad, entree and dessert.
Alongside the traditional cheese fondue, there are also salads, main course and to finish off -- chocolate fondues.
You don't often see a traditional cheese fondue these days.
He can also elevate a simple yet popular dish -- lobster ravioli -- by serving it on a pool of lobster bisque accompanied by a potato and goat cheese fondue and black olives.
They also tasted cheese fondue in Gruyeres, a town known for its Swiss fondue cheese industry.
He opened with what he had, chairs with holes, old clothing and used furniture, but he also opened with something new: "Duck in tamarind sauce, goat cheese fondue, lamb, came asada--and it was a hit
Aside from allowing me a mental rain, wind and flood evacuation route through the method of daydreaming about eating cheese fondue in a pair of salopettes at the top of a sunny mountain, clearly I have a penchant for the type of activity where the likes of little ol' Norway are able to trounce the almighty Americans/Russians/Germans (not to mention provide some snazzy fashion moments with that team curling clobber).
Les Armore restaurant is known for the best cheese fondue in town, located in the heart of the old town of Geneva in a small cottage look a like restaurant.
Try a different sort of meal Cheese fondue is a fun, communal meal that everyone enjoys.
One of the most popular uses for Emmental is melted for a cheese fondue.
Located in Heliopolis, it serves all types of Fondue ranging from cheese fondue, bourguignon, hot stone, tatar hat, bouillon, Raclette and delicious chocolate fondue varieties.
Prince Charles's favourite - the Wynegg - charges PS70 a head for a cheese fondue.
We were seated by a window in large, comfy chairs surrounding a tiny table (large enough to hold drinks), where we enjoyed our first round of drinks before our server suggested we move to a larger table area to accommodate the planned cheese fondue and sandwiches on our wish list.
You could have it with cheese fondue, or anything with fat in it, it would cut right through.