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Synonyms for cheery

Synonyms for cheery

being in or showing good spirits

providing joy and pleasure

Synonyms for cheery

bright and pleasant


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Des is a bright and cheery presenter I REFER to Mr Les Barlow's letter (Birmingham Mail, Talkback, January 10, 2019).
Thankfully these cheery kids were all smiles as they waved their parents goodbye and headed off to meet their new friends and teachers.
And that made Teensy the happiest fairy in the forest!" Kids will love the cheery, animated color illustrations and the feisty spirit of Teensy, the vegetable loving fairy that grew.
Elsewhere, Jai texts Holly as Carly and Bob tease him about his mystery girlfriend, and Paddy wants a divorce Charity is scarily cheery EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.30pm MUCH to Les's dismay, Pam is still set on coming face to face Paul's killers and tonight she makes an attempt to do just that.
The same cheery arrangements were repeated on the tables, low enough not to obstruct the view.
New Mums have been leaving tributes to much-loved "legend" Cyril Bishop, who dedicates each morning to welcoming patients at the hospital with a cheery smile.
Nkosana Mdikane, 74, had previously been praised by West Dunbartonshire Council for his cheery nature.
In the video is heard also the cheery sounds of the Azerbaijani soldiers.
I have known George for thirty year or more And he is more than worthy of his name that's for sure A more polite and cheery man it would be hard to meet And with a smile he would always greet you on the street In his mid eighties he is still very clean and smart Many Byker and Walker people know he has a good heart His loving wife and dancing partner passed away not many years ago Despite his great loss, his love for life still seems to flow He is always cheery and appears quite bright All because of his love for life He is not now in the best of health But his love of life is his greatest wealth Gentleman George we hope you live for many years yet And your friendship we will never forgetG MCLANDERS, Byker
Paul James Richardson, as ARP warden Bill, exudes a cheery and endearing confidence.
It was milk and some delicious "Os" of cheery rice and cheery corn, cheery oats and wheat, not battery acid.
I wonder if the 700 employees at Ericsson and the 165 at Stadco who are to lose their jobs feel quite so cheery.
Samantha called Sam because "it was the right size name for a not very big girl" is usually cheery and loves to play with the family cat Larry.
Modhesh is touring the region bearing gifts and goodie bags to children bringing his enduring cheery disposition, positive outlook and the amusing antics that make him so popular.