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Synonyms for cheer

Synonyms for cheer

a condition of supreme well-being and good spirits

to give great or keen pleasure to

to impart strength and confidence to

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

to express approval, especially by clapping

Synonyms for cheer

a cry or shout of approval

give encouragement to

show approval or good wishes by shouting

cause (somebody) to feel happier or more cheerful

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

References in classic literature ?
He dives below and returns--at which we little human beings in the void cheer louder than ever--with the ship's kitten.
When a crowd is once in the humour to cheer, it is just the same as when it begins to hiss.
loud cheers for the Doctor); "and he's a strong, true man, and a wise one too, and a public-school man too" (cheers), "and so let's stick to him, and talk no more rot, and drink his health as the head of the house.
This demonstration having been received with appropriate shouts, and silence being in some degree restored, he thanked them for their sympathy; and taking the liberty to inform them that there was a sick person in the house, proposed that they should give three cheers for King George, three more for Old England, and three more for nothing particular, as a closing ceremony.
The abounding good cheer of these English whalers is matter for historical research.
Cheer up, you'll make friends there; and if you get on well, as I am sure you will, it will be a fine thing for your mother, and she will be proud enough that you have got into such a good place as that.
The women cried over Cathy, so did even those stern warriors, the Rocky Mountain Rangers; Shekels was there, and the Cid, and Sardanapalus, and Potter, and Mongrel, and Sour-Mash, Famine, and Pestilence, and Cathy kissed them all and wept; details of the several arms of the garrison were present to represent the rest, and say good-bye and God bless you for all the soldiery; and there was a special squad from the Seventh, with the oldest veteran at its head, to speed the Seventh's Child with grand honors and impressive ceremonies; and the veteran had a touching speech by heart, and put up his hand in salute and tried to say it, but his lips trembled and his voice broke, but Cathy bent down from the saddle and kissed him on the mouth and turned his defeat to victory, and a cheer went up.
The cheer followed--that was a matter of course; but it rang out so full and hearty that I confess I could hardly believe these same men were plotting for our blood.
Thus in the Oedipus, the messenger comes to cheer Oedipus and free him from his alarms about his mother, but by revealing who he is, he produces the opposite effect.
Some learned how by pleasant dreams to cheer and comfort mortal hearts, by whispered words bf love to save from evil deeds those who had gone astray, to fill young hearts with gentle thoughts and pure affections, that no sin might mar the beauty of the human flower; while others, like mortal children, learned the Fairy alphabet.
One of the men reached the camp nearly frozen to death; but good cheer and a blazing fire gradually restored life, and put his blood in circulation.
I can only hope that they may cheer the sad moments of others.
Instantly a great cheer swelled from the throats of the assemblage of the masses.
that those whom I cheer with my fruit should repay me with these painful requitals
Well, cheer up," the Author resumed; "fame comes at the most unexpected times.