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in an unhappy manner


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Peter, playing opposite the black guy from "Miami Vice," is a New England sheriff who cheerlessly spreads VD across his debauched domain.
Unforgiving weather continues to punish your herbs, Lent looms cheerlessly on the horizon and not even the prospect of today being pancake day is enough to cheer you up.
We can imagine how many a time during the long and weary voyage, when home and its loved remembrances have rushed upon his heart, and the land of strangers has risen cheerlessly in their place, the possessor of these delusive missives has, in the solitude of his cabin, brought them forth, and blessing secretly the affectionate solicitude that procured them, has taken courage from their goodly array, and appeared again on deck with a pleasant feeling of independence and importance.
Hence, Catholic commoners, en route, feared for the fate of their immortal souls, and that fear, Dent went on, served the interest of the Catholic clergy and made the laity "servile," easily swayed, cheerlessly obedient.
Every area has its misery moos and rude, unwelcoming natives -and Merseyside is no different -but the cheerfully open and easy-going far outnumber the cheerlessly mean and moody.