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an enthusiastic and vocal supporter

someone who leads the cheers by spectators at a sporting event

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"Kamryn Wingerter has been a very talented and hardworking cheerleader," Lochhead added.
As San Beda Alabang's Junior Red Lions team captain Edgael Galimba, 16, has happily realized, one doesn't have to be a typical cheerleader. In most people's eyes, she doesn't look like one-she isn't reed-thin or even slim.
Become a cheerleader. If you want to build your team's spirit and motivate them to perform at their best, then it's time to pick up the pom-poms.
THREE male cheerleaders will perform at American football games from next month, in an NFL first.
MEET the Supercats - Liverpool cheerleaders who have been wowing people all over the country.
"Secret Diary of An American Cheerleader Three: First Crush" is sponsored by: Chasse[TM], POWERBows, Cheerleading Dance Music[TM], Eye Kandy Cosmetics, Longchamps Designs, Tulip Body Art, GymCheer USA, CAFlyers, and California Beachwear.
A cheerleader's awareness of the body was illustrated by developmental issues.
Summary: A group of cheerleaders have been forced to deny being a distraction at Crystal Palace FC, as the Championship side struggles with form.
Cheerleaders get all the attention, and us girls who play other sports are left out in the dust.
Banking on the notion that cheerleaders are among the most popular kids in school, marketers are hoping the cheerleaders will influence their peers and shape opinions on shampoos, makeup, deodorant and other products.
I began working at 15 as a gymnastics and cheerleader instructor--great work if you can get it!
That stored energy converts into kinetic, or motion, energy as the Cheerleader whizzes back into the "basket." With all that momentum (mass multiplied by the speed in one direction), even a small error can mean a serious mishap.
University of Alabama professor Natalie Adams talks about Radical Cheerleaders in her class entitled "The Cheerleader in American Culture." She calls the transformation from traditional cheerleading "brilliant"--"It's American ingenuity at its best."
Your first clue that these aren't your typical cheerleaders is the "lack of cohesive talent," points out Sonya Jenssen, 28, a Simon Fraser University cheerleader.