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The dad of two was back in his old school to launch this year's Cheerios Childline Breakfast Together Week.
We got a letter from the parents six months later saying that he was eating, growing, and healthy-and that without Cheerios he would have died.
Upwardly mobile tots will appreciate the Snackin' Cell Phone, which is just as the name describes: a Cheerio dispenser that looks just like Mom or Dad's phone.
But few viewers realized that the story was conceived, dramatized, filmed and distributed by Cheerios manufacturer General Mills itself.
In conjunction with the launch of this year's New Author Contest, Cheerios plans to donate 100,000 new books through its charitable partner, First Book.
2, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With 40,000 Facebook posts from consumers who took part in GMO Inside's campaign calling on General Mills to make Cheerios non-GMO (http://gmoinside.
Yet one ounce of the denser cereals, such as Grape Nuts, fills only one-quarter of a cup, while one ounce of the airier cereals, like Cheerios, fills one and one-quarter cups.
With tips, advice, and inspiration, the MultiGrain Cheerios website can help you start your weight loss journey.
To celebrate the news, Cheerios launched "Cheer the 3" social media communities on Facebook (www.
Actress Jennie Garth Joins Forces with Cheerios as New National Survey Reveals the Role Reading Plays in Family Life
Company Misleads Consumers by Touting Cereal as "Natural," Fails Transparency Test by Heading Up Fight to Block Disclosure of GMOs in Foods, Offers European Consumers Non-GMO Cheerios - But Won't Do So in the U.
As younger Boomers enter their 50's, we wanted to see how they feel about this milestone birthday," said Jeff Hingher, brand marketing manager for Cheerios.
15, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- General Mills - the maker of the ubiquitous breakfast cereal Cheerios - prides itself on being a champion of corporate social responsibility (CSR), but it is anything but that in the United States, where it denies consumers the option of Cheerios without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and is a major force in the corporate campaign to deny consumers information about foods containing GMOs, according to a major new report to be issued at 11 a.
In partnership with Cheerios, McBride and Ripken are recognizing Americans who show the same commitment with the Cheerios "Do What You Love" Contest.
Cheerios is making it simple to say thank you to a favorite teacher from your childhood days or your child's current teacher through the Cheerios Send Cheer to Teachers program.