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Synonyms for cheery

Synonyms for cheery

being in or showing good spirits

providing joy and pleasure

Synonyms for cheery

bright and pleasant


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com which has crunched the numbers on 130,000 of its users' European city reviews named the city for its five-star rating across the seasons for its all-round cheeriness, CNN reported .
Fortunately, my inexhaustible cheeriness and days spent at Newmarket this week working for a living keep me going, but in terms of sheer spectacle the July course is not improved by November ground.
The great southern exposure and open floor plan bring a light-filled cheeriness to this delightfully landscaped property with banana, orange and grapefruit trees.
The album is not exactly melancholy - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree and Sleigh Ride pick up both tempo and cheeriness - but overall it's an introspective contribution to the festive season with gems such as The Christmas Waltz and Silver Bells.
His music appealed to many in Great Britain who were interested in American folk music, but "put off by the robust cheeriness of the skiffle crowd" (p.
It is Father's Day weekend and Charlie D is not in the mood for cheeriness.
Touching and to the point wisdom, these passages of cheeriness will do well in reminding people to seek happiness to their lives.
James Kronzer's smoothly changing sets balance the grimness of London's poorer areas and the cheeriness of the more affluent ones.
Growing more beautiful with years, Ms Child is cherished by friends for her cheeriness and penchant for witty repartees.
In its fifth annual Christmas spirit report, the organization ranked the country's overall mood as a lukewarm 59 on a scale of 100 for holiday cheeriness.
While Akhtar and others on the panel did give some praise to the region, and Egypt in particular, the panel's assessment was generally biting, offering a departure from the typical cheeriness these sorts of events tend to breed.
Though cheeriness was more the exception than the rule from coast to coast, there was more of it in the Southwest than elsewhere.
Riding on a wave of wine-induced cheeriness, the group was whisked away from Kefraya before they could smash any more glasses, and taken to the quaint Clos St.
Spokesman Perry Flint says Air New Zealand's customer service staff are known for their warmth and cheeriness and they are empowered to go the extra mile for their passengers.
He greeted everything that was thrown at him with the same unflagging cheeriness head back and laughing manically like someone whos misread the label on their medication.