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Synonyms for cheery

Synonyms for cheery

being in or showing good spirits

providing joy and pleasure

Synonyms for cheery

bright and pleasant


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But the cheeriness engendered in me by the pleasant day had made me sloppy, and made me drop my Follow Gary on Twitter @Gary natural caution.
Martha's hectic cheeriness makes her an unlikely Gradgrind, though, and despite seeing through Ribbitt's ruse, she can't help admiring the frog's aspiration and cunning in this brightly written and illustrated story that's full of twists on the classic fairytale.
It is disconcertingly hilarious to witness how devouring human body parts and cleaning up after the dead becomes part of Sheila and Joel's daily routine; with good-old-fashioned Southern California optimism, Sheila converts her cheeriness at being a cannibal into encouraging her friends to go out and live their lives to the fullest.
Nestled in among the Laura Ashley floral prints that were so popular at that time, were brightly coloured spots of cheeriness. Everyone loved them apart from me.
Treating a classic tale with just the right dollops of cheeriness, drama, humour, and song and dance, Walton never strays from the underlying emotion or feel of this classic.
He still did his work, the same as the rest of us, and never shirked a dangerous job, but all his former cheeriness had left him.
STILL OPEN ALL HOURS BBC1, 7.30pm The neighbourhood prepares for a wedding, and Granville gets into the spirit of things by putting up a large display to bring a bit of cheeriness to his shop window. which has crunched the numbers on 130,000 of its users' European city reviews named the city for its five-star rating across the seasons for its all-round cheeriness, CNN reported .
Idea Aardman Animations is best known for the Plasticine cheeriness of Wallace and Gromit.
Fortunately, my inexhaustible cheeriness and days spent at Newmarket this week working for a living keep me going, but in terms of sheer spectacle the July course is not improved by November ground.
The great southern exposure and open floor plan bring a light-filled cheeriness to this delightfully landscaped property with banana, orange and grapefruit trees.
The album is not exactly melancholy - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree and Sleigh Ride pick up both tempo and cheeriness - but overall it's an introspective contribution to the festive season with gems such as The Christmas Waltz and Silver Bells.
His music appealed to many in Great Britain who were interested in American folk music, but "put off by the robust cheeriness of the skiffle crowd" (p.