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in a cheerful manner

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"Suppose you let me talk to you now," she began cheerily. "I'm sure I think it's high time we were getting acquainted, and I'm going to introduce myself.
“Cheerily, boys, cheerily!” cried Benjamin; “I see a salmon-trout that is big enough for a chowder.”
The bleak wind and aunt Sarah's quieting presence brought her back to herself, however, and she entered the brick house cheerily. Being too full of news to wait in the side entry to take off her rubber boots, she carefully lifted a braided rug into the sitting-room and stood on that while she opened her budget.
Their Digger proved an excellent guide, trudging cheerily in the advance.
Bradbury made light of the danger, and started off cheerily upon his ramble.
LIAM GALLAGHER: AS IT WAS (15) HHH HH WITH even the biggest screen barely able to contain his formidable charisma, the former frontman of 1990s rockers Oasis swaggers into cinemas with this indulgent documentary charting his recent life with a cheerily casual and charitable eye.
EATEN BY LIONS (12A) HHH HH THIS entertaining odd couple comedy takes an affectionate delight in the quirks and eccentricities of modern life as it cheerily explores British attitudes to race and disability.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm "ALL'S well that ends well!" said Daz, cheerily putting his arm around Bernice in the Woolpack.
And if James Bond had 'Bond girls,' Jane Bond should also have a 'Bond boy,' to which Hemsworth cheerily volunteered himself: 'I could be the Bond man, cool.'
Bermuda Thoroughbred Racing Limited named an Acclamation colt Johnny Barnes in honour of the legendary local, who for 30 years waved cheerily at commuters every morning by the Crow Lane roundabout.
"Farmer David: The Dunster Show" is a cheerily illustrated chapter story based upon the author's rural boyhood experiences on a farm in Somerset, England, near Dunster.
"Don't expect me to vote UKIP!" smiles Dom cheerily as he waves his guest goodbye.
Performers Isabelle Joss, Ross Allan and Louise Montgomery and director Clare McGarry do a cheerily eye–catching job with Martin O'Connor's script, singing old–fashioned Scottish kids' songs, playing a bit of live action puppet theatre and reminiscing over trips doon the watter.
Michelle Obama's face says it all - she is clearly unimpressed when Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt greets Barack Obama too cheerily and later they join David Cameron in a selfie
The Pope's twitter profile picture shows him waving cheerily in front of a photo of Vatican City, it added.