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Synonyms for cheery

Synonyms for cheery

being in or showing good spirits

providing joy and pleasure

Synonyms for cheery

bright and pleasant


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Bolstered by Kemper's winning star turn as history's cheeriest former cult member, a breakout role for Tituss Burgess as "Peeno Noir" viral video sensation Titus Andromedon, "Rock" vet Krakowski's spoiled New York trophy wife and the welcome return of comedy legend Kane, the freshman season scored seven Emmy noms including comedy series.
You know Schalke have had a bad week when local rivals Borussia Dortmund bang in seven goals at home, only for BVB fans to seem at their cheeriest when the Schalke result rolls in.
The horn section excelled in the Tragic Overture and Seal encouraging a rollicking climax and smiles all round with Brahms' cheeriest work the Academic Festival Overture.
My point, and one made in the movie, is when I stop by the VA, I bump into some of the cheeriest people I know.
They may have the brightest decor, or the cheeriest carols, but they're nowhere close to what we have here.
A million Britons have already joined them by pledging to pull on their cheeriest knits for the day and donate PS2 to help vulnerable children all around the world.
IDON'T know about you, but I have yet to meet a downbeat Aussie and chatting to Tommy Trash has done nothing to change my opinion that they are the cheeriest people on earth.
For the die-hard optimist it's a case of where will they be getting the promotion party started (although it's hard to imagine Crawley Town away ticking the 'can't wait' box for the even the cheeriest of travellers) and for the glass half-empty brigade (which, to be fair, is probably most of us these days) how City will plot another course to survival.
Not the cheeriest of news for nervous drivers such as myself, it must be said.
In his view, the impression is as though the night that we mark as the cheeriest is not coming but as if the dooms night is.
Conversely, both the manufacturing and service sector PMIs for Germany came in above the cheeriest prediction from a sample of nearly 30 economists.
While the TV presenter was accused of not having any "maternal understanding" and footballer Frank branded a "sad" dad for apparently keeping the children from his Spanish ex, it can't have been the cheeriest Christmas, the Daily Mail reported.
Okay, so Titanic was probably not the cheeriest analogy to use, but it seemed a good way to start, and you get the point.
Torres has never been the cheeriest sort on the pitch, and is known for a quiet intensity off it, but his demeanour over the past year or so has been one of abject frustration.
In perhaps the cheeriest pronouncement of death in recent memory, the government on Sunday declared the plugged BP oil well "effectively dead.