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in a cheerful manner


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They ruffled their feathers, and cried, "No surrender!" The featherless beings plied their work cheerfully, and answered, "Reform!" The creepers were torn down this way and that.
He was ploughed in his examinations time after time; but he bore this cheerfully, and submitted with such a charming grace to the parental expostulations that his father, a doctor in practice at Leeds, had not the heart to be seriously angry with him.
"Come along, then," said the shaggy man, cheerfully; and they started on once more.
She had not to wait long, for as soon as the girl thought her mother was safely out of the way, she changed herself and the Prince once more into their human shape, and set out cheerfully for the river.
'I'm quite ready to go with you, Vasili Andreevich,' said Nikita cheerfully. 'But they must feed the horses while I am away,' he added, turning to his master's wife.
"Forward is the word!" cried Ned cheerfully. "Forward!"'
"Don't trouble yourself," said Jinjur, cheerfully. Then she turned to her Army and cried:
"Out of sawdust?" finished the Story Girl cheerfully. "You needn't be afraid to mention it to me after this.
Good-night," she called cheerfully, as she ran from the room.
They kissed their mother quietly, clung about her tenderly, and tried to wave their hands cheerfully when she drove away.
How the emigrants never wrote home, otherwise than cheerfully and hopefully; how Mr.
To be free-minded and cheerfully disposed, at hours of meat, and of sleep, and of exercise, is one of the best precepts of long lasting.
And these laws, my readers, whom I consider as my subjects, are bound to believe in and to obey; with which that they may readily and cheerfully comply, I do hereby assure them that I shall principally regard their ease and advantage in all such institutions: for I do not, like a jure divino tyrant, imagine that they are my slaves, or my commodity.
He never wrote cheerfully, and he mortgaged the greater part of his income.
"Oh, well, we've managed so far without it," she said cheerfully. "And there's no reason why we cannot still manage without it."