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Synonyms for cheep

the short weak cry of a young bird


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

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SCIENTISTS have discovered a bird which cheeps with a Scottish accent.
Pairs of cheeps may yield qualitatively identical sensations, even though the cheeps differ in apparent location (59).
What we read as pastoral cheeps of enjoyment or idle chatter is actually noise "inscribed from the start within the panoply of power.
An original thinker can see the mystery in the mundane, however, and some very original thinkers are asking complex questions about those cheeps.
If you think nature sounds CDs are merely soft, relaxing waterfalls and bird cheeps to calm you down after a long hard day, listen again.
The creation, which makers Tiger Electronics say is intended to be the personification of a Tamagotchi, has its own language of chirps, cheeps and chirrups and comes complete with an English-Furby dictionary for its 200-words and 800 phrases which include 'a-tay' for 'I'm hungry' and 'way- loh' for sleep.
They talk incessantly together, but only in quiet little cheeps.