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Synonyms for cheep

the short weak cry of a young bird


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

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Saving nature may sound like a huge undertaking, but the thought of future generations not hearing a cheeky house sparrow cheeping - or having the opportunity to see creatures like polar bears and tigers - is terribly sad.
Postman Urs Schmidli, 55, who took the picture in his garden in Sherz, Switzerland, said: "It really looked like the male could not put up with any more female cheeping.
CHEEPING chicks have brought learning to life for infant pupils.
Dozens of baby chicks were all cheeping at once, making a terrible racket.
The boom caused a simultaneous cessation of cheeping for a maximum of 40 seconds, after which normal activity resumed, reported BBC News.
One member of staff said: "They look really funny running around their pen cheeping at everything.
I lay rigid on the floor, clut ching the cheeping bag, expecting some dread sentence for my clumsiness.
The Very Worried Sparrow cannot enjoy the experiences of each day like his cheeping nest mates.
And finally, a 100 watt bulb is probably too hot for 25 chicks, which would result in constant cheeping.
Whether your legs are covered or not, you can sit outside on a tree-shaded patio, watch the sun set, engage in quiet conversation with your dining companions and hear the chirping, cheeping and chirruping of birds and crickets as you sip and munch new American fare.
The birds look really funny running around their pen cheeping at everything.
The starling was one of a family nesting in the roof of a home in King's Lynn, Norfolk, and could be heard cheeping after it fell down between the house's wall and false wall.