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in a brash cheeky manner

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As amalgams of allusion and technique they would strain under their own ponderousness were it not for Tyson's cheekily punchy colors (often forming near-monochromatic single- or double-hued grounds of unspecific place and allusion) and perverse genetic mutations.
Confident Ricky Hatton has no worries about his latenight super-fight against Kostya Tszyu, cheekily claiming yesterday: 'I am always in my prime at two o'clock in the morning
And all the while cars park half-on half-off the pavement or, cheekily, full on.
Officers say the address on the fax is not false - but, cheekily, is in fact the address of the Hertfordshire Inland Revenue Offices
By the end of the track's cheekily delivered rap (which pays undeniable homage to Deborah Harry's classic rant on Blondie's "Rapture"), we see that she may have all she thought she wanted but maybe not all she has needed.
Doyle cheekily asked her if she would appear on the BBC1 show - and, to his amazement, Diaz said yes.
The ad also cheekily plays on the image to claim `There's only one Scottish Leader'.
In an open letter to sites, he says, rather cheekily I reckon, that 'What we do not do is drop visitors off at your "front door" so they can read a letter from your director, look at a photo of the facade of your building, or take a virtual tour'.
And the Adelaide-based dancers of this cheekily irreverent yet basically affectionate new-look Swan Lake were really terrific.
At that time, we rather cheekily asserted that "Canadian Animation Rules
And after dumping the ex-Wimbledon champ, Kirilenko cheekily put her finger to her lips like her compatriot from Arsenal.
Not to forget that he is quite an eye- candy too," she says cheekily.
KEVIN PIETERSEN might have been cheekily labelled Dumbslog Millionnaire by scamps in the West Indies, but word reaches Confidential that the former England captain puts far more thought into his art than many give him credit for.
The ballboys were cheekily deflating spare balls to help San Martin waste time but things got out of hand when Universitario complained.
Mr Choudhury, awarded an MBE in 1999 for services to the community, has been cheekily advised by friends to prepare the Queen a curry from his Hot Stuff recipe book which he will present to Her Majesty.