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TAKE one roguishly handsome conman, add a younger cheekier chappie and mix in a policeman on the make and you have the perfect recipe for a good night out.
For Toni, it was a bit cheekier -- he would skip school in favour of listening to music.
While Toyota has gone for the has gone for the T younger motorist with more extreme styling and Citroen has opted for a cheekier image, Peugeot has clearly decided on a more up-market quality look to its car.
Already a best seller for Citroen the all-new, cheekier looking C1 is set to be even more popular after undergoing its latest metamorphosis.
You won't see a cheekier winner all year than Discussiontofollow at Kempton that day as he sauntered through a field of fair sprinters without Shane Kelly giving him so much as a shake of the reins - his form comment read "rider barely moved, impressive".
Some of the cheekier ones asked me if I could get them Celtic tickets instead of ones for the Hibs end but they were pushing their luck
version wisely seeks a somewhat cheekier and less somber tone, with lots of athletic grappling that could easily have been plucked from a high-end perfume ad.
There were cover drives in scores, on drives on occasion, a couple of brilliant pull shots, one cheeky paddle sweep, and an ever cheekier reverse sweep, among the staggering 33 boundaries and two sixes.
When we were first talking about it, it was something a bit bolder, a bit cheekier.
It's often the cheekier the better with this kind of operation - they can go unnoticed in places like this because it's the last place you'd expect it.
We had a little boy who was getting a bit cheekier every time you spoke to him, which was great.
With this show, the two institutions couldn't have hatched a cheekier project.
The more I get to know them the more banter and cheekier I'm getting.
These take a cheekier approach than the TV ad by poking fun at the French and Italians with the straps: 'I believe the French have pastries for breakfast' and 'I hear Italian men still let their mums make breakfast.
But in recent years, when chic has come to rival elegance among those hellbent on conspicuous consumption, another, cheekier tone has infiltrated the rhetoric of real estate, especially if the development is a luxury building that happens to lie below 14th Street.