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Synonyms for cheek

Synonyms for cheek

Synonyms for cheek

an impudent statement

either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump

impudent aggressiveness

speak impudently to

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They address works by artists like Luigi Pirandello, Henry Williamson, and Mishima that illustrate the desire to create a new type of society, in relation to al-Qaeda, fascism, Japanese imperial rule, and heroic ideals, innovation, and politics; the use of immersion, togetherness, and solidarity by artists like Rudolf Lagan and Mary Wigman, Zhang Yimou, and Laibach; and cases in which left-wing performance serves as idea-generation for right-wing regimes, such as Cheek by Jowl company's production of The Changeling in 2006.
No other town or city has such a community of narrowboat owners right in the centre of the city, cheek by jowl with the main entertainment area.
Nowadays send-up versions are common, as per the British company Cheek by Jowl, or our homegrown Fiasco Theater.
space stands cheek by jowl with the ruins of the monuments overlooking the sprawl of green.
Needle-sharp satire was often cheek by jowl with real belly-laughs and then matters of the heart in the most intimate detail all fuelled his material.
Written in an informal, anecdotal style, Terkel sets memoir cheek by jowl with reportage and history: "Often the works are communally created, the artists rank amateurs.
Weds to Sat ACCLAIMED theatre company Cheek By Jowl present the UK premiere of Ubu Roi.
A stripped–down Cheek By Jowl was a real highlight, with Meldrum's voice silencing the crowd as it hung in the air.
Backed with only a fragile guitar melody from Wiseman, Meldrum's take on Cheek By Jowl was a powerful yet poignant ballad about the inevitability of ageing that allowed her voice to shine.
Most of us would say the former - but most of us do not live cheek by jowl to a cricket ground, as residents of Annfield Plain do.
David's previous productions include Troilus and Cressida and Macbeth for Cheek By Jowl and the UK tour of Stones in his Pockets.
According to CE Steve Phiri, consolidation is a must in the Rustenburg area where the company operates cheek by jowl with Impala, Wesizwe and the Western Bushveld Joint Venture.
Cheek by Jowl is a collection of Le Guin's musings on fantasy--in particular on children's books and on animals and their complex interconnection with the humans who inhabit and/or invade their worlds.
It is essential for the area to be able to grow to live cheek by jowl with the new emerging green industries, and what better way than to support a community sports team.
Pakistani officials say a senior al-Qaeda leader of Egyptian origin has been killed in a US drone strike in the militancy-plagued tribal region of North Waziristan, lying cheek by jowl with the Afghanistan border.