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Synonyms for cheek

Synonyms for cheek

Synonyms for cheek

an impudent statement

either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump

impudent aggressiveness

speak impudently to

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6) Cheek biting was seen as most common injury (59.
The underlying cause contributing was mostly lip biting and chewing due to nervousness and anxiety in the younger age group followed by cheek biting and sharp teeth causing persistent trauma.
So a denture shaped by neutral zone technique with monoplane occlusion will ensure that the muscular forces are working more effectively in harmony and gives advantage of stabilizing potential of oral and perioral musculature (5) improved speech, and reduces cheek biting.
Cheek biting has become a common dental problem in cities due to high anxiety level, misaligned teeth and odd chewing habits
Everyday trauma, such as cheek biting, a sharp tooth or a pizza burn causes the majority of these spots in the mouth.