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a digit representing the sum of the digits in an instance of digital data

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Library of Congress' Bagger transfer tool and HashX (from BoilingBit Software) for creating and verifying checksums
Checksum was originally a simple addition of all bytes (sum.
When receiving an ASCII message, the two CRC16 checksum bytes are extracted and for the remaining message the CRC16 checksum is calculated.
System profiles often employ digitally signed databases and may incorporate file system checks that bypass normal operating system facilities in order to detect the more sophisticated checksum aware malicious logic.
Checksum 2--Encrypt the number but exclude the final digit, and replace the checksum digit with the checksum value plus 1.
1P/Q VLAN support, TCP/IP checksum off-loading, an IP multicast filter and optional boot RaM support for both PXE and RPL environments.
Assureon assigns a global unique serial number to each file and the contents must match a checksum comparison to pass the audit.
Even code that deletes itself can be detected using a checksum, a number derived from the code that changes whenever the code changes.
The serial number is printed in letterpress with a correct checksum.
The embedded Agent can check the security status of the embedded device including: the status of executables (antivirus, host firewall, host IDS, sandbox), files (antivirus signatures, host firewall policies, host IPS signatures, MD5 checksum, file version), registry values, versions, patches, and operating system configurations.
Internal hardware off-load tasks like TCP/UDP/IP checksum calculations and TCP segmentation from the system's CPU.
Q WHENEVER I power-up my lap-top computer the following error occurs: 0271 - Check Date and Time Settings, WARNING 0251 - System CMOS checksum bad - Default configuration used.
After downloading the OpenSSH code, a savvy user noticed that the md5 checksum information was incorrect.
The Notre Dame scientists have enclosed simple true or false statements into this layer of TCP; if the message passes through the checksum stage, it is correct; if it is invalid, it is dropped.