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In checkrow corn, the center four hills of an eight-row square area were not cut, but their tops were tied or twisted together to form a gallows, or support, for the shock.
Checkrow lines were made with a marking sled in one direction only, and the planter was driven at right angles to these lines.
Seed corn grader and 1871 Haworth checkrow planter reel and rope owned by Harold Jehle of Baldwin City, Kan.
In case there is any doubt about the complete eradication of the weed, corn planted in checkrows (see page 91) to allow cultivation both ways should follow the summer-fallow.
For other Road and watch for cranes in the rice checkrows.
In these pages you'll find everything from directions for setting up perfect checkrows to wry recollections of truck-swallowing mud roads, the stories behind early manufacturers to making hay.