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Synonyms for checkroom

a room where baggage or parcels are checked

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A bailment is created between the customer who leaves property with a checkroom attendant and the facility.
Near the coat checkroom (a rare amenity in New York theaters) stands a dress form dummy.
There are checkroom snoops everywhere, looking for information they can sell to credit thieves.
There were Greek and Negro chambermaids from all the hotels, porters, doormen, checkroom attendants, waitresses.
suite service," another marketing first for Livent, pushes the price up to $125; the $50 surcharge secures the best seats in the house (rows 6 to 12, center orchestra) plus free drinks and access to a basement lounge (with a separate checkroom and private bathroom) that are off-limits to the plebes upstairs.
Off to our right was a checkroom, and we all gave the man behind the counter our jackets.
When we suff ender our suitcase to the museum checkroom, we do not agree to have the contents examined by police looking for contraband.