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a place (as at a frontier) where travellers are stopped for inspection and clearance

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Also, they normally will provide opportunities for drivers to actually avoid the checkpoint, usually with an alternate route that a driver could divert to after passing the checkpoint warning signs.
CONTACT: Steven Selfridge of Checkpoint Systems, 609-384-2473 or Andrew Baer, Wendi Kopsick, 212-593-2655 of Kekst & Co.
James Anderson said the traffic division would like to hold a driver's license checkpoint every four months in various, unannounced locations in Santa Clarita.
The outcome of the balancing test should not be altered simply because officers staffing the checkpoint have the investigation of drug trafficking as an ancillary motive.
To that end, Checkpoint reported today that it has agreed to acquire ID Systems International B.
Nine other motorists were ticketed, about half for possession of marijuana and the others for miscellaneous traffic violations around the checkpoint.
When determining the legality of the checkpoint in question, the district court in Maxwell necessarily began with a review of the United States Supreme Court's decision in Michigan Department of State Police v.
Checkpoint is also able to provide METRO Cash & Carry with tags through its Global CheckNet Service Bureau, which can print virtually any label or ticket upon demand from any of the five continents.
During that time, more than 360 vehicles went through the checkpoint, which was set up across the street from the Lancaster Metrolink station.
CONTACT: Glenda Laudisio of Checkpoint Systems, 609-384-2411.
The checkpoint location will be kept secret until two hours before it starts.
CheckPoint HR Celebrates National Payroll Week with Tools and Services that Empower Mid-Market Organizations to Automate and Optimize HR Operations
Wolf, president and chief executive officer, Checkpoint ColorTag will help Checkpoint attack new markets including apparel and department stores and complements the company's comprehensive Electronic Article Merchandising(SM) (EAM) product line.