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a place (as at a frontier) where travellers are stopped for inspection and clearance

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The CheckPoint HR Human Resources Management System (HRMS) spans the entire HR lifecycle by integrating all aspects of HR, from payroll, recruitment, skills validation and background checks to training to employee termination processes such as COBRA administration.
As a non-profit, our number one goal was finding the best deal on benefits and CheckPoint HR fit our parameters," said David C.
Many important public or high profile settings face a host of challenges in security because they lack flexible screening options or need the most sophisticated fixed security checkpoint solutions only on a temporary basis," said Mark Laustra, Vice President of Transportation Security Technology and Programs, Smiths Detection.
In a mere three months, CheckPoint HR transferred payroll functions to meet the December 26, 2002 deadline.
Crowe, once her purchase decision was made, the Checkpoint technology team worked closely with the library staff members in order to ensure that the new RFID system was quickly deployed and effectively incorporated into the library's workflow.
GE's vision for the future airport passenger checkpoint calls for not only much improved security, but also a much improved passenger experience," said David Weber, general manager, aviation and transportation, GE Security's Homeland Protection business.
After servicing the Indian market for the past year and already providing solutions to some leading retailers in India such as Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Central, Marks & Spencer, Ritu Wears, Vijay Sales, Lilliput, Koutons, AND Designs, PALL Mall, and A B Jewelle, as well as libraries such as AFMC, NIFT, Checkpoint sees this as the opportune time to set up its base in India.
Checkpoint Systems' relationship with the Ouachita Parish Public Library dates back to the late-1980s, when the company installed a security system for the library that was built on Radio Frequency (RF) technology.
We are excited about these results, as they clearly support the exploration of direct checkpoint activation as a novel strategy in the discovery and development of targeted cancer therapeutics," said Dr.
LANCASTER -- An unlicensed motorist was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and 20 other unlicensed drivers had their vehicles impounded at a checkpoint operated by sheriff's deputies for five hours Thursday night in downtown Lancaster.
Sobriety checkpoint programs are defined as procedures in which law enforcement officers restrict traffic flow in a designated, specific location so they can check drivers for signs of alcohol impairment.
NASDAQ: ARQL) today provided an update on its clinical trials with three compounds: ARQ 197, a proprietary, orally administered small molecule inhibitor of the c-Met receptor tyrosine kinase; ARQ 501, a first-generation Activated Checkpoint Therapy(SM) (ACT) candidate; and ARQ 171, a second generation ACT compound.
SANTA CLARITA - Traffic on San Fernando Road slowed to a crawl Thursday morning as sheriff's deputies enforced a driver's license checkpoint, netting more than 20 motorists driving without valid licenses.
Sitz,(4) the Supreme Court ruled that a highway sobriety checkpoint program passed the Brown balancing test.