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Synonyms for checkout

the act of inspecting or verifying

the latest time for vacating a hotel room

a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases

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Pathmark seems to be cutting regular checkout lines and forcing people into scan-your- own.
The cost factor, combined with greater design flexibility and improved strength, have made plastic look so attractive to retailers that most supermarkets have remodeled their checkout aisles to include plastic bag holders, which make packing a plastic bag much easier than it used to be.
Walmart's expansion of self-service options continues its commitment to offer customers the choice in how they want to check out, improving the overall checkout and customer service experience.
Long queues at the checkouts built up because only 16 of the 29 checkouts were open.
Thus, when choosing their preferred means of checkout, the consumer is left with a choice of the bank of six self-checkouts (actually 10 at the same branch of Tesco), or the two manned checkouts with the super-queues.
More than 3500 checkouts were surveyed by parents in more than 300 stores.
All cashiers in the store are being trained to assist at the Self Checkouts to insure that the customer will develop awareness of the system's important time-saving capabilities.
All of the checkouts were open, so there were no long queues.
amp; LAS VEGAS -- Rich Internet Application to Reduce Checkout Abandonment Rates that Currently Plague up to 50% of All Online Sales
The checkout staff were friendly, the store was neatly maintained and 27 of the 31 checkouts were open.
Self-checkout has also enabled us to free up more staff time to help in other areas of the store or open more checkouts.
Tesco is moving one step closer to cashier-less stores with the largest single-store installation of self-service checkouts in the UK.