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Synonyms for checkout

the act of inspecting or verifying

the latest time for vacating a hotel room

a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases

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This partnership is made possible through Visa Checkouts open platform and streamlined set of APIs, allowing both consumers and merchants to experience the benefits.
have put a good deal of thought in merchandising their checkouts.
So a bank of self-checkout tills are installed in place of the row of cashiers, leaving (in my local Tesco Metro) two token manned checkouts, doubtless still there to allow them to say they give customers a choice, at which are formed two of the most formidable queues you are likely to encounter anywhere on the high street.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-7 December 2005-IBM announces new self checkout systems(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Asda was next to bottom in the poll with just seven per cent of checkouts snack-free, while Waitrose was top of the league with 96 per cent, according to The Food Commission.
The store that has the automatic checkout is much quicker, than the stores around here that don't have them.
NCR will be installing 10,000 SelfServ Checkout lanes to more than 1,200 Walmart locations in the United States during 2013.
There are two manned checkouts on each side of the self-checkout units, and the cashiers are easily visible from the self-checkouts.
Of the 28 checkouts, a sufficient 26 were operating.
based company offers the X-Series, Series 90 and Vantage Series checkouts, each incorporating a number of popular features.
to integrate their checkouts with the Self-Checkout Accelerator system.
Of the 20 checkouts, 10 were operating, which was sufficient.
According to the study, just 32% of those who have used the checkouts agreed with the statement that the self-checkouts were "great.
A high proportion of these aborted checkouts are due to user confusion, frustration, and the constraints of conventional click-wait-load HTML-based user interfaces.