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a queue of people waiting to pay for purchases

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The highest match checkout line is set at 141-144 , which may interest buyers given how often MVG has left a 170 finish in his first two games.
It tracks both wait and transaction times and uses predictive monitoring to proactively minimize or eliminate bottlenecks in checkout lines, directly addressing an issue that may lead to customer dissatisfaction and providing a solution based on its ability to understand customer behaviour.
McGivern suggests stocking these kind of unique items in power aisles, on endcaps and in impulse areas like at the checkout line to ensure customers know you stock them.
Designed for high-volume retail environments, the 360 Scan Portal speeds consumers through the checkout line, providing them with a better overall shopping experience, while greatly improving operational efficiency for retailers, officials add.
Another lawyer, Roy Minton, said, "This is the kind of stuff you use on the checkout line at a supermarket.
Speaking of what could be considered "little things," KXLY Channel 4 in Spokane, Washington, reported on April 29 how an unnamed good Samaritan spontaneously paid for the groceries of four customers in his checkout line at the grocery store.
Clinton placed two 12-packs of soda under her arm (Mountain Dew and Diet Coke) and found her way to the checkout line.
From the high drama of the supermarket checkout line to the rigors of shopping with kids to the agony of deciding on a new Easter bonnet, fabric for a dress, or a wedding ring, our artists had no problem filling the bill with the very latest in "consumer art.
That doesn't even take into account the television sets in the workplace, the grocery checkout line, buses and airplanes.
She left the customer standing in the checkout line.
Compare a hospital stay with moving through a grocery store checkout line in terms of accuracy and efficiency of transactions, real-time inventory management, timely invoice preparation and ultimate customer satisfaction.
he asked, evidently not having been in a supermarket, checkout line in the previous few months.
This was dramatically illustrated each time we went through a checkout line in our local grocery store or Wal-Mart: not only did they have the processes in place to provide us with our bill automatically, but they understood the impact our shopping cart had on their inventory and need to re-order.
This can be as simple as hearing a jingle on a radio commercial or overhearing a casual comment at the grocery checkout line.