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Synonyms for checkout

the act of inspecting or verifying

the latest time for vacating a hotel room

a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases

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As consumer adoption of Visa Checkout grows, so too does interest among brand name merchants in joining the platform.
Marcello Baricordi, General Manager UAE and Global Accounts Lead, Visa MENA, said: "The UAE online retail market is witnessing rapid growth, and for online consumers driving this trend, Visa Checkout will offer a faster, simpler and secure solution to complete their purchase.
We are excited to elevate our guests' web experience even further with the launch of Visa Checkout, bringing the simplicity and speed of the 'swipe' into the online world so our guests can breeze through checkout in just a few clicks, from any device.
Wynn isn't the only one in the home improvement industry experimenting with new checkout alternatives.
Obviously, paying one person to supervise a bank of six checkouts (the number suggested in a letter by John Curnow of NCR in the same issue on p22) is cheaper than paying six people to do the actual work of scanning and packing your shopping for you.
Google Checkout is a checkout process that makes online shopping faster and more convenient, the company said.
Asda was next to bottom in the poll with just seven per cent of checkouts snack-free, while Waitrose was top of the league with 96 per cent, according to The Food Commission.
Catalina has installed personal computers in each retail store as well as thermal printers near the checkout scanners that it uses to produce either a coupon or an advertising message.
I'm not good with machines and don't like feeling forced to fumble with these checkout machines in public.
Others struggled far longer than standing in a traditional checkout line.
The release of Dynamic Checkout also enables sellers to create a seamless brand experience.
The UAE is one of 16 countries selected for rolling out the new Visa Checkout service this year.
NEW YORK -- The experience that shoppers have at the checkout lane is as important as ever for retailers, although the nature of the experience is changing, according to a report on front-end merchandising.
In addition, many self-checkout users see the technology as an addition in service, not a reduction of service, as they often avoid long checkout lines by using them.