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a list of items (names or tasks etc

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certification checklist the document required to confirm the entire requirements of the implemented ISO systems in a particular organization
Regarding "The Checklist We Want" in December, I have always preferred the simplest of systems which has served me for two decades.
CAP inspection teams use the checklists as a guide to assess the laboratory's overall management and operation.
That's why checklists are broken down into the critical segments--takeoff, approach and landing--posing the greatest risk for an accident.
One of the benefits of using checklists is maintaining operational efficiency without the use of shortcuts.
Dentistry has been slow to adapt checklists to the profession.
17 Checklists help surgeons to avoid making simple mistakes, such as surgery at wrong site.
Additionally, we think written checklists require far too much attention.
Several issues were identified for consideration when designing future checklists for use in clinical settings.
He tells stories about checklists in hospitals and investigates how checklists can improve performance and prevent disasters.
This incident has been considered as the key milestone in the development of safety checklists (Emerton et al 2009).
A few key techniques help ensure checklists are accomplished completely and in a timely manner.
Christoph, 59, said: "I'll tell you what's on my checklist, to abolish checklists.
Inspired by the successful use of checklists in aviation and different health-care departments, a RALRP procedural checklist was developed to help staff set up the theatre and work through the procedure.
In his Dissector article he wrote "the checklists done by our surgical teams have helped reduce complications and enhance patient well-being, so the benefits are already showing.