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a list of items (names or tasks etc

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1) published a story by Mark Bittle, a senior nurse in the plastics operating theatre at Middlemore Hospital, on the introduction of the World Health Organization (WHO) surgical safety checklist into New Zealand hospitals.
Surgical safety checklists have evolved from a campaign by the World Health Organization (WHO) launched in 2008, "Safe Surgery Saves Lives.
Practical homicide investigation checklist and field guide, 2d ed.
In his book The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande describes the use of checklists in a variety of industries, including his own profession of medicine.
In my experience, it is not as difficult to design a checklist as to design a system where checklists get executed entirely and correctly.
The use of checklists began in the aeronautical industry in 1935.
Then, late last year, individual functional checklist managers went through all of the identified checklists to determine which ones apply to which types of units and mission sets.
In response, various tools such as checklists have been implemented, but many without empirical testing.
He tells stories about checklists in hospitals and investigates how checklists can improve performance and prevent disasters.
This incident has been considered as the key milestone in the development of safety checklists (Emerton et al 2009).
certification checklist the document required to confirm the entire requirements of the implemented ISO systems in a particular organization
For me, it was as I said in the article--I'd gotten spoiled by a challenge-response verbal system with a copilot and I wasn't making sufficient use of traditional text checklists (paper or otherwise) in the air.
CAP releases 2017 Laboratory Accreditation Program checklists to improve laboratory quality.
The simple answer to why we use checklists is that humans are forgetful and aircraft systems are complex.