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a program that examines other computer programs for syntax errors

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F&M kicked off the Pink Checking program on July 4, 2010 with breast cancer awareness supporters marching in the Huntington Beach Fourth-of-July parade.
The Free Ride/Free Checking program will kick off Monday, October 25, Tuesday, October 26 and Wednesday, October 27, and will continue every Wednesday until December 22nd.
The Get Checking program was launched to help consumers develop the practical skills needed to manage banking services effectively, while offering nearly everyone the opportunity to open a bank account despite past banking mistakes.
Hibernia won the "Stevie" for its online product page dedicated to consumer checking products, including the company's Completely Free Checking program.
Consumer Credit Counseling - for its Get Checking program
Earlier this year Foothill Independent Bank introduced Pet Lovers Checking, a traditional checking program including affinity services that targets pet owners in the bank's geographic market area.
Foothill Independent Bank recently joined the ranks of the pet product industry by packaging a traditional checking program with innovative affinity services designed specifically for the financial needs of the pet-owning household.
Foothill Independent Bancorp (Nasdaq:FOOT), today announced that its primary subsidiary, Foothill Independent Bank, is launching a new checking program tailored to the specific needs of the pet-owning household market.
And new products, such as our Free Checking program, have gained wide acceptance with customers.
Abington's High Performance Checking program, which was introduced in the spring of 1995 and includes "Totally Free Checking," has attracted record numbers of new accounts to the bank, he said.