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a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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Large black (RGB = 255) and white (RGB = 0), high-contrast checkerboard squares were fashioned to elicit a Disruptive body pattern (checkerboard square size = 2.
Two control experiments were performed, during which (1) a uniform, 50% gray substrate floor and 25-cm-diameter arena wall were used to elicit Uniform patterning; and (2) a checkerboard substrate floor and arena wall were used to elicit Disruptive patterning.
Before finally proving the main theorem, we show that the Checkerboard Conjecture holds for checkerboards of special size.
Help kids craft some fun holiday gifts with this creative checkerboard project from Richard Panchyk's American Folk Art for Kids" with 21 Activities.
Here an elderly station wagon and a motorcycle crowd the front of a Checkerboard Square that seems to be crying out for restoration, or at least a coat of paint.
Its removal by presentation of the checkerboards could be associated with the change in judged distance.
Design elements include flourishes, roses, checkerboards and bands.
Game boards for sale at the auction include a wonderful variety of Parcheesi game boards and checkerboards, many of which are colorfully and imaginatively decorated.
Now you can make them look like outdoor living space and get really creative with colors and patterns that range from Adiron designs to checkerboards to hopscotch patterns for kids to play on .
Data Matrix codes, which resemble small checkerboards, are found on an increasing number of products.
In an earlier series, "Variations on Rubens," 1986-93, fauns and maidens frolic amid swirls of richly saturated colors surrou nded and supported by bold checkerboards of primary and secondary hues; this antiphonal discourse is both raucous and reassuring, as nothing is out of control in a structural system that both sustains and provokes natural exuberance.
Patterns are based primarily on geometric shapes, including checkerboards, borders, triangles and stripes.
Of course a flag or a target can never really be as neutral as all that--certainly not compared with the neutrality of the formats Scully employs: checkerboards, stripes, bars.
The marks are less than an eighth of an inch square, resemble scrambled checkerboards, and typically contain 60 characters of information.
The effect is shocking, like seeing a rainbow on your checkerboard.