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a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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As most of you know, over 75 percent of the lands within this county are administered by the federal government and much of that land is in a checkerboard pattern.
Two control experiments were performed, during which (1) a uniform, 50% gray substrate floor and 25-cm-diameter arena wall were used to elicit Uniform patterning; and (2) a checkerboard substrate floor and arena wall were used to elicit Disruptive patterning.
Checkerboard, which avoided using the word "paper" in its name to facilitate just such a product change, will continue its profitable invitation business.
Figure 1(b) shows a placement of 6 coins on a 3 x 8 checkerboard such that the number of coins on neighboring squares of every black square is even and the number of coins on neighboring squares of every red square is odd.
The sample was divided in two portions, one designated for the BANA Test and the other one for the Checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization.
Checkerboard has been entered at a host of different meetings lately, so the decision to kick off his campaign at Carlisle is a major hint that punters should not miss.
Presented in the usual style of the Checkerboard "Cool" series, simple recipes of favorite foods are given with easy-to-fallow steps and bright pictures'
It is bigger and more aesthetically impressive, boasting white walls and concrete floors with a massive black and white checkerboard pattern.
Introducing readers to an easy-to-follow mapping of the construct and design of quilts ranging from Potted Flowers Table Runner, Big Happy Flowers Table Runner, and Checkerboard Tulip Table Runner, to Sunflower Table Runner, Sun Flowers Wall Quilt, Log Cabin Pot Wall Quilt, Raggy Flowers Wall Quilt, A Bloomin' Dozen Wall Quilt, Flowering Quilts provides an extensive and impressive collection of unique and intricate flower-quilts as well as the pattern layout designs for ease in their creation.
He traces the lawn's history from early colonists, who transplanted turf from England, to its proliferation among post-World War II conformist suburbanites, with humor and wit, Steinberg reveals the whimsical side of lawn care, from checkerboard lawn designs to the home owner who transformed his yard into the 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Course.
A competitive checkers player and amateur gardener, Fisher's kitchen table has a checkerboard at the ready and her den is filled with musical instruments from her days entertaining friends at the nearby senior center.
Everything about them, though, was handmade, and all the thought behind them echoed Held's devotion to the Grand Manner in Western painting starting with the Renaissance, something manifested during his last years in a brilliant hyper-Baroque Neverland of warping spheres, tumbling cubes, and ribbons of checkerboard hues.
An abundant use of water and glass define fluidity and transparency, while a distinctive checkerboard facade produces intrigue and mystery as thinly cut blocks of travertine stone are suspended by flexible stainless-steel flat bars.
The brushes come in four shapes: Checkerboard Double-Time[TM] (pictured here), Plaid Striper Double-Time[TM], Multi-Round Double-Time[TM] and Multi-Liner Double-Time[TM].
Students then take a sheet of 1" square graph paper and use two predominant colors in their bird to create an alternating checkerboard pattern.