checker board

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a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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Others include a checker board made from woollen uniform fabric by a unknown private stationed in South Africa in 1878 at the time of the Zulu War, and an embroidered fabric crafted by a Private E.
a decorative fabric firm, is keying into two of the market's strongest trends with its new Denim Checker Board and New Naturals fabric collections.
She swept all of the checkers off the checker board.
The Lawn Club will also feature Celebrity's signature Sunset Bar and the Patio on the Lawn where guests can observe game play, as well as an outdoor oversized chess and checker board.
Pokey Crocker says: "The Good News, with all the torrential rains and winter snow plowing, the checker board remained dry and beautiful, and we are very happy.
Now a team of researchers at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has developed a new way to study wake effects that takes into account the airflow both within and around a wind farm and challenges the conventional belief that turbines arrayed in checker board patterns produce the highest power output.
Band Wipe Iris Star Barn Doors Paint Splatter Checker Board Pinwheel Clock Wipe Radial Wipe Cross Dissolve Random Blocks Dither Dissolve Random Wipe Inset Spiral Blocks Iris Cross Venetian Blinds Iris Points Wipe Iris Round Zig Zag Blocks Iris Square Wedge Wipe Iris Diamond
The hall walls, in cream and burnt orange, are warm and welcoming but it is the side of the staircase, boarded in MDF and painted like a checker board, that takes your breath away.
TARGA 2000 accelerates seven popular Adobe Premiere transitions by up to 500 percent in both Preview and Make Movie modes: Dissolve, Wipe, Checker Board, Push, Slide, Stretch and Zoom.
Plus, choose from resort activities including on-site spa treatments, two golf courses, a fitness center, indoor/outdoor pools, life-size chess and checker boards, and outdoor deck space.
Many natural and artificial stimuli that produce flickering lights or patterns -- including television, computer screens, checker boards, natural sunlight filtering through trees, automobile headlights, and trembling water surfaces -- can trigger physical reactions, sometimes including seizures in people who have photosensitivity.