checker board

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a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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Fasson PET Void Check Matte Chrome is for tamper-evident labels, displaying an irreversible checker board effect when tampered with.
My father said, ``If players read this, they'll realize they're nothing more than checkers on a checker board to these GMs.
Are you the checker board of a chess game, On the curve side of Dudley Station by the Nubian Notion, Or amateur night at the Strand Theater, Or maybe a song by Patti Labelle: "Somebody loves you, baby.
Others include a checker board made from woollen uniform fabric by a unknown private stationed in South Africa in 1878 at the time of the Zulu War, and an embroidered fabric crafted by a Private E.
a decorative fabric firm, is keying into two of the market's strongest trends with its new Denim Checker Board and New Naturals fabric collections.
She swept all of the checkers off the checker board.
The Lawn Club will also feature Celebrity's signature Sunset Bar and the Patio on the Lawn where guests can observe game play, as well as an outdoor oversized chess and checker board.
The hall walls, in cream and burnt orange, are warm and welcoming but it is the side of the staircase, boarded in MDF and painted like a checker board, that takes your breath away.
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