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a book issued to holders of checking accounts

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this consultation concerns the manufacture, personalization, editing and delivery of letters, checks, checkbooks, bank printed and commoditized products in euros and francs peaceful for clients of the Caisse des Depots.
Though Trigg wouldn't confirm that more people are opting to use debit cards over checkbooks, she did say going strictly plastic is a growing trend.
Sales, said, "Congress could benefit from learning to balance their personal checkbooks as well as the nation's.
In developing the automated solution, ACOM sought to bring the benefits of in-house check production, originally directed towards smaller banks and credit unions, to institutions where checkbook volumes are too high to be accommodated by a manual system," Firmin said.
Lot-1 Zone Centre 7800 checkbooks worth EUR 50 each.
Reform and Conservative rabbis are asking constituents to send a message with their checkbooks.
The operator then removes the stack of printed checks comprising the order -- typically eight checkbooks -- places them in the input tray of the automated production system, and presses the start button.
The city also recycles Christmas trees, newspapers, plastics and glass as well as junk mail, milk cartons, juice boxes and mixed paper including checkbooks, fax paper and file folders.
Thousands of Oregonians voted with their checkbooks, and reaffirmed the belief that is at the Trust's heart -- arts and culture are vitally important to people within this state.
The program allows residents to recycle everything from junk mail and phone books, to checkbooks, fax paper and file folders.
At the bank, the production operator receives an email notification, logs on to the website, downloads the check order(s) and generates the checkbooks.
Deputies said they also found Social Security cards in Williams' name but with different numbers, bills and checkbooks with her name but different addresses and account numbers, driver's licenses for several people and a list of recent local foreclosures.
Fishing enthusiasts can now show their love of the sport on their checkbooks, as longtime partners U.
Our clients are voting with their checkbooks by hiring us to define their enterprise technology strategies and help deliver solutions that allow them to reduce the overall costs of running their business.
Those people contemplating a union of checkbooks this Valentine's Day should also "talk to your honey about money," says Joanne Kerstetter, president of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Washington.