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a book issued to holders of checking accounts

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The services concern: - the implementation of personalized support checks (cap) called leisure checkbooks, - the overall management of the leisure checkbook system.
The head of Operations, Anwar Bader Al Ghaith, said in a statement, that the new service enables individual customers and institutions of requesting checkbooks at any time through ATMs, after completing the process of the safe access, by recording the request for checkbooks immediately instead of requesting the service through the staff in the branches.
BOSTON - The state's checkbook, including payments to contractors, vendors, employees and retirees, went online yesterday for public viewing as part of a $1.
In terms of handling cash, financial planners recommend that couples decide who will have the primary responsibility for managing money, paying bills, and balancing the checkbook.
In that spirit, we in the press should be grateful - sort of - to ABC News for reminding us all once more how insidious are the temptations of checkbook journalism.
Checkbooks have speeded up the process and made it possible, in some instances, to provide the services the same day that the Individualized Written Rehabilitation Program (IWRP) is developed.
The general ledger, summary ledgers, cash receipts and disbursements journals, checkbooks, bank statements, canceled checks and cash reconciliations, bills paid and accounts payable files.
Buyers were able to vote with their checkbooks and as a result they received some great buys," according to Hannah, president and CEO of USAuction, Inc.
Contract notice: Realization of printing, personalization of checkbooks leisure and management of the device to help leisure.
But he did have ``the important stuff,'' he said - his birth certificate, passport, vehicle pink slips and checkbooks.
Bring your taste buds and your checkbooks for charity, as an amazing silent auction will also be offered.
STEVENSON RANCH - Santa Clarita Valley shoppers are being advised to guard their personal belongings after a middle-aged team of sneak thieves stole two women's wallets, checkbooks and credit cards at a local supermarket.
Neighborhood councils) don't work as long as those checkbooks are kept downtown,'' said Bob Scott, co-chairman of Alliance for a New L.
The DFJ Venture Challenge provides us with access to great business plans and talented entrepreneurs, and it provides the competing teams with a unique forum to engage with venture capitalists who have their checkbooks open," said Tim Draper, managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson.
Upon the arrival of the debit card, some thought checkbooks were on their way out for good.