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the act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)

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According to an official of Pakistan International Airlines, customers will be allowed to check-in online even before reaching the airport.
No longer is it simply a list of check-ins in chronological order.
According to the plans of Star Alliance, there will be consolidation of check-ins for all of the 10 member airlines out of Los Angeles in a one single aisle.
OnArrival has proven to be very popular with our customers and by leveraging our mobile app they have collectively processed more than 850,000 event and session check-ins since August 2013," said Brian Ludwig, senior vice president of sales at Cvent.
Last month, Foursquare announced the release of Swarm, a new app that is basically focused on check-ins and hanging out with friends in an attempt to re-position Foursquare as a location-based app for discovery and personal recommendations.
The Analysis of Usage Manner of the Facebook Check-in Application by the European Union
The document lists the data Foursquare uses and what it does with people's check-ins.
Save nonemergency requests for your regular check-in.
For starters, it means that the days when you had to only worry about your guests' physical check-in experience are probably gone and you'd do well to also monitor 'virtual check-ins'.
Using a tool from a company called LocalResponse, Walgreens finds public check-ins at its stores and sends users reply messages via Twitter.
The deals have only been active a short amount of time and we haven't had any redemptions yet, but have had more check-ins on the newer Facebook pages than the original location.
United Airlines, a subsidiary of United Continental Holdings Inc (NYSE: UAL), has offered reward points to passengers who will use its mobile check-in services.
Foursquare encourages people to explore their neighborhoods, and then rewards them for doing so by combining friend-finder and social city guide elements with game mechanics -- users earn points, win mayor status, and unlock badges for check-in frequency and other criteria.
I meet the outgoing tenant and inspect the property, comparing it with the inventory and check-in documentation completed six months earlier, bearing in mind reasonable wear and tear.
A customized version of VeriPax is currently being developed at Singapore's Changi Airport to facilitate self check-in passengers and to enhance the security infrastructure.