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the act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)

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Supercuts raised the bar for the affordable haircare industry with its best-in-class, guest-focused app and online check-in.
SpotOn used its tablet-based incentive program to track check-ins at each San Diego merchant location.
Virtual check-ins have a far wider reach, because most users of services like Foursquare share their check-ins with their Facebook and Twitter networks.
By offering real-time rewards for check-ins throughout the terminal, we hope to give our tech-forward guests another reason to explore all T2 has to offer.
The innovative deployment of a multiple-airline check-in service aboard cruise ships reflects a growing industry trend: the geographical spread of the check-in function to remote locations well beyond the airport terminal, all driven by enabling technology.
The Ground Services Director - Tresarun Sitakalin stated, Presently, we allow passengers to check-in via mobile and website.
Integration Allows Business Users to Benefit from Analysis of Customer Check-Ins, As Well as Total Foursquare Check-Ins at Venues They Manage
Currently available for Apple iPhone[R], iPad[R] and iPod touch[R], Viggle automatically identifies what television shows its users are watching and awards them points when they check-in.
TAKING a short midweek break in Spain, I plunged into the chaotic hellhole of the check-in zone at Gatwick airport for British Airways European flights.
EMIRATES HAS opened an exclusive First and Business Class check-in terminal at Dubai, making it the only separate airport terminal in the world to cater for this market sector.
Users of PayPal are able to decline a check-in immediately after they walk in, in which case no information is shared, to address issues related to privacy.
Tech startup offers check-in for charity and customer loyalty program to businesses
THOUSANDS of air passengers were hit by delays yesterday after a power failure caused disruption at check-in desks.
The Android app lets Qantas customers buy airfares, book hotels, view their Frequent Flyer points and check-in all from one location.
The check-in to a restaurant in Hawaii is great for conversation when it happens, but it's long past the first page of your stream when planning your trip to Hawaii six months later.