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the part of a check that is retained as a record

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The combination of Oildex solutions and the OpenInvoice AP automation solution brings together a unique set of technologies to manage the financial supply chain and support financial documents and transactions, including invoices, payments, royalty check stubs, joint interest bills, run tickets, gas plant documents, and more.
To cover the theft, Lemon would do three simple things: First, she'd enter "void" on the check stub when she wrote the check to herself.
In addition, to help cover the deception, the employee created a false payroll check stub showing that the actual funds being directly deposited to her own account were the lower gross and net pay breakdown, without the extra withholdings.
Check stub, letter from the pension company or 1099-document received at the end of the year from pension showing gross amount..
The check itself doesn't contain any detail of what is being paid, except for a limited amount of information that can be included in the check's memo field or on a check stub. More commonly, remittance detail is generated from an adding machine tape, accounts payable records, handwritten detail, or from a statement provided by the vendor.
The taxpayer also gave a $100,000 check to her second son in October 1982 in the same manner as the funds given to the first son (i.e., notation on check stub and register, and execution of the same type of noninterest-bearing note).
Eligible families must bring: a utility bill with an Aurora address, identification such as driver's license, state ID, matricula consular, and proof of income, including check stubs, TANF, SNAP.
She was approved with a 650 credit score and presented what proved to be fake check stubs and a fake driver's license.
The Universal Service Administration Co.'s website notes BIA award letters or BIA general assistance check stubs can be used to prove eligibility.<br />Fewer than 3 percent of all Easy Wireless subscriberswereeligible for theBIA assistance program, according totestimonyHedrick provided to the agency about his audit.Easy Wireless staff members eitherknew or should have known the requirements, Hedrick testified.
Tracy Ryans got mail - straight from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, including a box full of state assistance application forms with hundreds of people's social security card numbers, green card certificates, billing statements, check stubs and photocopies of driver's licenses.
- Mask employee Social Security numbers on check stubs
When applying for Medicaid, you may need to bring proof of income (e.g., check stubs); proof of assets (e.g., bank statement, value of car, etc.); Social Security card; two forms of identification (ID) (e.g., military ID, other photo ID such as a driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, etc.); and/or proof of residence (e.g., utility bill, telephone bill, or a rent receipt).
Also provide check stubs to prove the money was from an insurance company, and any other documentation, such as a contractor's estimate, that proves you will use the money to rebuild.
Users interact with the app through a customized dashboard, which employees can use to find check stubs and W-2 forms, time-off balances, retirement balances, loans and contributions, FSA balances and reimbursements, as well as basic personal information.