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the part of a check that is retained as a record

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The combination of Oildex solutions and the OpenInvoice AP automation solution brings together a unique set of technologies to manage the financial supply chain and support financial documents and transactions, including invoices, payments, royalty check stubs, joint interest bills, run tickets, gas plant documents, and more.
There is also some evidence suggesting the employee gave the executive director the false payroll register showing lower gross amounts matching the false payroll check stub, and revised her payroll figures and the payroll register to include the hidden withholdings prior to transmitting the total withholdings to the IRS.
Check stub, letter from the pension company or 1099-document received at the end of the year from pension showing gross amount.
There was a check stub inside with a woman's name and address on it, so we called her,'' Sandy said.
notation on check stub and register, and execution of the same type of noninterest-bearing note).
This can be from a bank statement, check stub or a benefit award letter,'' she said.
A pre-printed message on each check stub will instruct the recipient to cash or deposit the check at his or her bank.
Employees owed wages for hours worked between June 5, 2004 and July 16, 2004 were notified by mail and must bring photo identification and a social security card or check stub from MiAngels Apparel, Inc.
The fares are available for immediate purchase and don't require a PFD batch card or check stub.
Alaska Airlines PFD Fares are available for immediate purchase and don't require a PFD batch card or check stub.
These special fares are available for immediate purchase and do not require a PFD batch card or check stub.
In addition to providing on line all the data that appears on a check stub, WEBServe now:
PAYView was introduced last year to provide our customers' employees with the ability to conveniently and securely view their demographics, check stub details as well as year-to-date wages, deductions and tax withholding information on-line.
This service also gives employees the ability to conveniently view and print their check stub details and demographics via the Internet.
Youll need your Social Security number, check stubs and documentation to support the claim that you were working, about to begin work or self-employed when the August severe storms and floods occurred.