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Individuals must be sure to check off the appropriate fees and/or dues so that their constituency group membership is renewed through this process.
For more information on the results of the Softwood Lumber check off vote, visit www.
The proceeds will help the school's faculty check off programs and equipment from their ``wish list,'' which totals $522,000.
VA grant applications now ask applicants to check off a box if they are a "faith-based" group.
To date the PBCC's Income Tax Check Off Initiative raised over $700,000 dollars for research to find a cure.
The IRS announced that, beginning with the 2001 filing season, taxpayers will be able to check off a box on form 1040 and designate a paid individual tax return preparer to resolve processing-related issues.
Members check off activities accomplished, list adventures they dream of doing, toast users' achievements, engage with others in competition or play and form micro communities of interest, making Diddit their personal playbook for life's experiences.
Check off each step when you've done it, so you can see progress.
50 with the usual paper list to check off what you want.