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He said: "I will be writing to every public authority, including the Scottish Government, asking them not to comply with that part of the legislation in regard to facility time and check off.
The assistant controller should create a standard journal entry list from those transactions that have been used repeatedly in prior months and check off items from the list as part of the standard month-end closing process.
What should he check off if he doesn't want to deny any part of his heritage?
Check off all those performers you can't stand and instantly ``Thelma and Louise'' is just Thelma (of course leaving Brad Pitt).
MESSAGE: Build overall awareness and value of the dairy check off and its programs; partner with the 18 affiliated state and regional organizations of the United Dairy Industry Association to ensure coordinated, consistent promotion messages.
Still, you may find it useful to check off each statement as it becomes true, moving through the four phases of rehab until you're ready to run again:
Using a convenient checklist, the exhibitor can then check off what they need.
Nothing she learned in those catechism programs, or in the Catholic schools' Fully Alive sex education program, would have indicated that she should not check off "Catholic" as her religion.
Only presidential candidates can qualify for public funding--paid for by the $3 box you can check off on your tax return.