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a mark indicating that something has been noted or completed etc.


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Adding it all up, I give Point Given 10 check marks and Tiznow three.
have qualified for the Smart Choices' green check mark in the program's 19 categories.
Many more-402 plans-got a check mark for one but not both of those measures.
Large lettering is used and votes are indicated by a check mark inside a box clearly designating the choice.
Under the Legend tab, remove the check mark for Show legend.
Almost twenty years later, over 900 products currently bear the iconic red heart with a white check mark.
The baserunning was one check mark, and the failure of the bullpen was another.
Take a photo or open one from your gallery, select Vintage, swipe your finger to the left to increase intensity, flick the check mark at the bottom right of your screen, choose RetroLux, flick the check mark, touch the down arrow at the top center of your screen to save the photo.
The Angels put another check mark in the loss column Tuesday night.
In 2012, SUBWAY restaurants became the first Quick Service Restaurant chain with meals to earn the American Heart Association's Heart Check mark that pass the certification program's stringent criteria.
Dawson makes a check mark in his grade book as each student nods to him before dashing out to the surf.