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a female checker

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He's sleeping with a 25-year old coat check girl from Long Island ("or is it Rhode Island?
She'll also be filming movies Bob Funk and UK-based Coat Check Girl this year.
One night, when leaving the Ritz in Paris, he had run out of money because he had tipped everybody from the hat check girl to the wine waiter.
The owner was more than happy to keep his premises open for such exclusive company and the hat check girl gladly accepted the seven coats.
The TV host, 71, who has had a hearing aid surgically implanted, was a coat check girl at the club in the 60s, when The Beatles and other top groups played there.
She started on the game by working as a hat check girl in a cabaret club when men offered her money to go back to their hotel.
She was discovered by The Beatles while working as a hat check girl in the city's legendary Cavern Club.
Just how pushy you could see in Brit Girls (C4) which charted the rise and rise of the coat- check girl from the Cavern, who went from Sixties pop sensation to the most popular female on British TV in the Nineties.
This being Eugene in the 21st century, the Jazz Kings present the old music in a stage performance, sans the Lucky Strikes and hat check girls.
And if we did bring back coats It would create more jobs in the fashion industry and we could also bring back hat check girls into the bars, clubs and restaurants.