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Synonyms for cheat

Synonyms for cheat

Synonyms for cheat

weedy annual grass often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land

weedy annual native to Europe but widely distributed as a weed especially in wheat

a deception for profit to yourself

defeat someone through trickery or deceit

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

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my husband almost cheated on me open how many women cheat on their husbands
The student who got the text then made a cheat sheet from those answers and distributed it to more than 30 classmates (most of whom were caught and suspended).
These lovers do not feel a prick of conscience, and five out of ten would cheat more often if they could get away with it.
What nasty, immoral low-life pays a subscription to cheat on someone they're supposed to love.
will my husband cheat again why do husbands have affairs
taxes, cheat on the test, cheat at cards, cheat your friend, cheat
Additionally, certain cheats are allowed for spamming such as money codes.
It can also involve planning to secretly access sources during the examination or helping others to cheat (Semerci & Saglam, 2005; Tan, 2001).
As the signs of these coefficients indicate, the evidence is consistent with the conclusion that the higher the proportion of close friends who cheats, the higher the likelihood of being a cheater and, the higher the score of the attitudes' indexes (showing less agreement with cheating), the lower the likelihood of being a cheater.
The first column (1), reports the OLS estimation results using annual cheats.
It's because everyone cheats in one way or another at his or her work place.
Although punishers make an initial investment to harm cheats, the investment may be repaid if the cheat behaves more cooperatively in future interactions.
Cheating increases a contestant's output, but the more a contestant cheats, the more likely his cheating will be detected in the event an audit occurs.
She added that when a man cheats, people easily forgive him, but when a woman acts the same way she becomes an outcast in society.