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Synonyms for cheating

a deception for profit to yourself

not faithful to a spouse or lover

Related Words

violating accepted standards or rules

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At one point, cheating became so rampant that grades lost value and the whole business of testing nearly rendered worthless.
The Sorry Not Sorry Cheaters, meanwhile, do not feel guilty about cheating at all.
Contrary to the SMORC model, cheating actually decreased slightly at the highest payout amounts.
The fact that academic cheating by students, hereafter cheating, is common suggests that, at least in some way, many students think that it is okay to cheat.
The number of accused and the duration of cheating are greater than was known when the Navy announced in February that it had discovered cheating on qualification exams by an estimated 20 to 30 sailors seeking to be certified as instructors at the nuclear training unit at Charleston, South Carolina.
Cheating in some instances is encouraged by family members who use the poor quality of instruction at schools as an excuse to justify why students cheat (see Rammah Al-Jubari's report, Yemen Times, July 2013).
Cheating can be viewed as both a moral and a social decision.
Attitudes and Causes of Cheating among Mexican College Students: An Exploratory Research
be assured that cheating is in full flow--at least if some of my high school and college students are any measure.
People who work in our high schools know that cheating is rampant but they ignore it: the constant whispering during tests, the scrawled answers on forearms, the use of cell phone cameras to take pictures of "cheat sheets" before finals.
While universities nationwide continue to revamp policies, increase penalties, and work harder to detect cheating, large numbers of students continue to admit to cheating and large numbers of faculty witness cheating in their classrooms.
I THINK everyone who loves football would agree that, when a player dives, he is cheating.
Ahmed attends public school in Zaqaziq, Sharqiya, and he wishes his teachers had stricter policies towards cheating.
THE number of students reported for cheating in exams at South Wales' largest university has almost tripled in the past year, new figures reveal.