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annual or winter annual grass with softly hairy leaves of the Mediterranean

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Following the burns, they had no cattle grazing for at least 2 years, but there was early-spring grazing by sheep to help control competition from annual grasses, namely, cheatgrass.
Currently, cheatgrass is estimated to cover about 40,000 square kilometers of the 650,000 square kilometer Great Basin, a watershed region centered in Nevada that reaches into California, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.
Among topics are Elton as neither founder nor siren but prophet, parallel evolution in invasion ecology and restoration ecology, the conceptual threads of biodiversity as a bulwark against invasion, expanding the propagule pressure concept to understand the impact of biological invasions, 50 years of increasing research and decreasing control of cheatgrass, and responses of invasive species to a changing climate and atmosphere.
Norton U, Mosier AR, Morgan JA, Derner JD, Ingram LJ, Stahl PD (2008) Moisture pulses, trace gas emissions and soil C and N in cheatgrass and native grass-dominated sagebrush-steppe in Wyoming, USA.
Vavilov II, a Siberian wheatgrass cultivar that can help hold invasive cheatgrass at bay on especially dry and harsh sandy rangelands, was also created at the FRRL.
for instance, cheatgrass, an invasive annual adapted to frequent bums, has supplanted native brash, desert shrub, and perennial grasses that typically experience longer intervals between rims.
Invasive grasses such as cheatgrass, a Central Asian weed with short leaves and long hairs, are causing wildfires to spread in the West.
Young, a retired senior scientist from the USDA Agricultural Research Services, has teamed with Clement, who is still a rangeland scientist with the agency, to provide this ecological study of cheatgrass, a highly invasive grass that covers millions of acres throughout the Great Basin.
For example, those uses that cause the spread of fire-prone invasive plants, such as cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum), can result in increasing the size and frequency of fires that ultimately convert even more sagebrush habitat to grasslands.
Plant cover included species common to arid alpine environments, such as cheatgrass, sagebrush, and rabbitbrush.
Two culprits that play major roles in stoking the flames of these reoccurring western wildfires are Cheatgrass and Red Brome.
The kind of place where it might occur to you to walk out through the cheatgrass into the cottonwoods behind the body shop to stick a honey bear full of grain alcohol up your ass, squeeze, and get drunk that way.
For example, the degradation of sagebrush, Mojave, and shadscale (a perennial shrub of the Great Basin) habitats by aggressive invasive plants such as cheatgrass and red brome following wildfire threatens many of Nevada's native species.
Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum), a relative of brome, has spread throughout millions of acres of the cold Great Basin Desert.
MESSAGE: Plateau herbicide is an effective solution from BASF that is available to aid in the control of cheatgrass, a destructive invasive weed, and begin the process of habitat restoration.