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Synonyms for cheapskate

Synonyms for cheapskate

a miserly person


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We saw an opportunity to segue the success of the Kid to Kid model to a young adult concept with Uptown Cheapskate," Sloan says.
For example, the Cheapskate Marathon event on July 29th will notify Members each time a new wine is offered via Twitter on their handle, @WTSO (the website and mobile app always have the current deal, so anyone can view and purchase what item is being offered at any given time).
If your foremost ambition is giving money away to children or grandchildren, to friends, to charity, being a cheapskate makes that all the more possible as well.
His new book is "The Cheapskate Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of Americans Living Happily Below Their Means.
The postcard version will all be hand printed on my Japanese screen print press (Riso Gocco), hand numbered and signed," explains Cheapskate.
Hence the cheapskate detractors who call it "Whole Paycheck.
We need a change of culture here, where questioning the price of something is seen as a good thing for the community, rather than evidence that you are a cheapskate," she said.
It turned out the thief was not some rival paper or cheapskate reader, but a Labrador retriever who'd been fetching newspapers and hiding them in his owner's yard.
Like Roger Smith, Iacocca, a notorious cheapskate, is seen greedily trying to further pad his bulging pockets and pleading for continued use of the company jet as the board finally pushes him out the door.
On Wednesday, May 16, WTSO will host its quarterly Cheapskate Wednesday event, pulling out all the stops to offer members deeply discounted wines every 15 minutes for 12 straight hours.
The Labour leader would be branded a disrespectful, unpatriotic cheapskate who is unfit to be Prime Minister and would insult veterans if he dared show his face at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.
On Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 they will run their quarterly Cheapskate Marathon online wine event.
He is a self-confessed cheapskate, and no matter how extreme the procedures can be, he's all game for the money.
The Sloans' entrepreneurial fervor has infected their children: son and daughter Scott and Chelsea Sloan have brought the resale concept to sophisticated and fashion-conscious teenagers and young adults with Uptown Cheapskate.