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an unnecessarily aggressive and unfair remark directed at a defenseless person

an illegal and unsportsmanlike act of unnecessary violence

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They were important contributions to our understanding of what American painting had achieved in this century, and they were mercifully devoid of any twaddle about art being "more than just abstract form and color relationships"-- an obvious and contemptible cheapshot at the late Clement Greenberg--and some of the other guff she descended to in her interview in The Wall Street Journal.
Oppy's Cheapshot says that no theory of facts should allow that it is a fact that the moon is made from green cheese.
Of course, this rhetorical comparison of Godel's Slingshot with Oppy's Cheapshot isn't entirely fair.
Hip Hop Electro Peanut Butter Wolf Thunderball Lootpack Ming & FS Deltron 3030 Contagion DJ Cheapshot Dominic Kelly III Harmonics L.
Benn Olson had bettered Guy Lepine in an early fight before tempers flared after a cheapshot behind the play.
com Rock & pop FRIDAY ChipFest 7 Electronic music with Organ Freeman, The Tin Foil Hat Brigade, Cheapshot and more.
Bone-crunching rib-tickler, but no cheapshot spoof - it's a zombie picture that's also bitingly funny.
15) At one point, Oppy suggests that the constraint imposed on theories of facts by Godel's Slingshot is no more philosophically interesting than this one: `Oppy's cheapshot says that no theory of facts should allow that it is a fact that the moon is made of green cheese.
And while we're on the subject of cheapshots from former Irish internationals the Irish fans I spoke to found Francis' comments an embarrassment.
Having been treated for a head knock 50 metres away and while Italian referee Guilio de Santis was sorting out the Feather-Socol scrap, Miquel made a beeline for opposite number Laidlaw and floored him with the cheapest of cheapshots.