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Synonyms for cheapness

Synonyms for cheapness

a price below the standard price

tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar

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The cheapness and vulgarity of it was nauseating, and Martin noted apathetically that he was not nauseated very much.
A block of flats, constructed with extreme cheapness, towered on either hand.
As to roast fowls, Miss, why you must be quite surfeited with roast fowls, letting alone your buying, when you market for yourself, the agedest of poultry with the scaliest of legs, quite as if you was accustomed to picking 'em out for cheapness.
On either side were workingmen's houses, of weathered wood, the ancient paint grimed with the dust of years, conspicuous only for cheapness and ugliness.
There was in the house where I lodged a north-country woman that went for a gentlewoman, and nothing was more frequent in her discourse than her account of the cheapness of provisions, and the easy way of living in her country; how plentiful and how cheap everything was, what good company they kept, and the like; till at last I told her she almost tempted me to go and live in her country; for I that was a widow, though I had sufficient to live on, yet had no way of increasing it; and that I found I could not live here under #100 a year, unless I kept no company, no servant, made no appearance, and buried myself in privacy, as if I was obliged to it by necessity.
Some were yet bargaining for good places, and stood in them in a state of indecision: gazing at the slowly-swelling crowd, and at the workmen as they rested listlessly against the scaffold-- affecting to listen with indifference to the proprietor's eulogy of the commanding view his house afforded, and the surpassing cheapness of his terms.
The document also bans the trade turnover of vodka in plastic containers, for example, in plastic glasses popular among people with alcoholic addiction due to their availability and cheapness.
Shahlla Raza said that Mirza attitude was represents his cheapness added that PPP can also tell bad stories about Mirza but it was not that cheap.
Its cheapness and ease of supply are particularly attractive to young people and others on low incomes, and it eliminates the price incentive for existing smokers to quit the habit.
These baking powders were largely made from acid phosphate of lime, and if properly made it contained little or no sulphate of lime, but for cheapness people used sulphuric acid to manufacture it, which gave rise to a large amount of sulphate of lime, 50 to 60 per cent in the worst cases.
Pubs have been going out of fashion in recent years, driven to closure by conversation-killing headphone-based entertainment and the cheapness of takeaway beer.
The most noteworthy features are its cheapness and high efficiency.
If Turkey's cheapness also attracts tourists eager for a cheap deal, Ryanair and easyJet could stand to gain from an increase in passenger numbers.
The poll of 2,479 UK adults, including 552 in the 16-24 age range, showed that 51 per cent of the 16-24 year olds said they were likely to drink more on holiday than at home, with 62 per cent attributing this to the cheapness of alcohol abroad.