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Synonyms for cheapjack

a peddler of inferior goods

cheap and shoddy


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In those distant days "Made in Japan" was synonymous not with the most advanced electronic goods but with cheapjack rubbish, maybe just a step or two up from "Empire Made", the preferred euphemism for Hong Kong.
Probably the worst example is when I worked in Cheapjack's (ooh the glamour) selling discount jeans.
We do not need cheapjack politicos making capital out of decisions made by their own party, which are only being carried out by authorities who know that they are powerless to prevent these mobile phone companies sticking masts wherever they want.
And you are corrupted, and rhetorized, at the source--you turn into a spell--binder--what we call a pitch artist--one who sells cheapjack merchandise on street corners--because, ultimately, you are always trying to convince yourself--the most mendacious form of argumentation.
Cheapjack sets (it was not uncommon for the camera to catch sight of the pots of hot water and dry ice that produced the mysterious mists that cloaked so many of Captain Video's alien worlds) were one of the show's signatures.
reporter but, in truth, this was the sort of cheapjack journalism that gives the craft a bad name.
In the event, the red carpet laid to the front door of the Odeon, Leicester Square, turned into a river of gunge when the torrential rain liberated a flame retardant used in its cheapjack manufacture.
That there should be insufficient drivers once they opt to take their rest days speaks eloquently of the cheapjack mentality which has dogged the railways for too long.