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Synonyms for cheap

Synonyms for cheap

Synonyms for cheap

relatively low in price or charging low prices



of very poor quality

embarrassingly stingy

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English Studies became, as Eagleton puts it some pages later, "a way of providing a cheapish 'liberal' education for those beyond the charmed circles of public school and Oxbridge" (1996: 27).
But a 'cheapish' funeral would come to something like pounds 1200.
On the issue of photovoltaic (solar electric power) systems, given that you have access to the power grid I would recommend buying EcoPower as a quick, cheapish and effective way of sending your `consuming choices' message to the market.
Thomas Fisher's edition of the Dream in the usual small, cheapish quarto format is thought to have been printed from Shakespeare's own handwritten copy of the final acting text.
class="MsoNormalI'm yet to fiddle with an Atenza but if it is anything like the Mazda6 that one of CMC's former employees availed for a quick blat down to Machakos and back, then it is not half bad either, but it shows its cut-price Asiatic origins, more so with the grey monochrome interior and cheapish dashboard plastics that border on the scratchy.
Lee, who is mum to Declan, 18, Bethany, 15 and Leona, 10, said: "I tend to do things that are cheapish, such as going to Strathclyde Park if it's a nice day or Ayr beach or swimming."
The menu ranges from cheapish pastas and small plates to grills and blackboard specials, including tempting Ligurian fish stew with English shellfish for PS15.95.
I've had two cheapish holidays but I haven't any money to buy a car yet.
WITH the pound taking a daily battering, companies struggling to survive and the worries of a pandemic, a short and cheapish break in the UK never looked so appealing.
There's space for four - but not for their bags - and a range of cheapish graphics to personalise the outside
Don't hire, buy a cheapish stop-gap like a Golf GTi or BMW 3 Series at trade money from an auction, and then sell privately when your TT arrives.
You were a club member, you paid X number of quids into the pot and you could turn up at, say, Copt Heath and enjoy a cheapish round.
JAMES WATTANA was advised as a cheapish buy on the Scottish Open outright indices and, purely coincidentally, the refreshed Thai looks by far the best supremacy play today, writes Adrian Humphries.
They are cheapish to buy and maintain and worth next to nothing when they are sold off.