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a seller of shoddy goods

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The very real fear, of course, is that a new terminal and a handful of cheap-jack holiday flights could quickly develop into something much more -to the detriment of people living nearby.
Back in 1905 at the grand opening dinner at the Forester's Hall, the Secretary told the 200 guests about the local origins: `In 1869 a cheap-jack, besides selling his wares on the parish hill, advocated the cause of Forestry, and so marked an impression did he make that a number of his hearers within a short time established the court or branch, which had 43 members by the end of the year and had 996 by 1905, with a `juvenile' society of 264 members.'
You wanted a part professional, part do-it-yourself, and part cheap-jack job, and it is hardly surprising that things went wrong.
Think those cheap-jack half-hours that plunder the CCTV resources of Britain's police forces.
How do we know we will get 21st century architecture, something bold but functional, something lasting yet contemporary, rather than some cheap-jack edifice that looks worn out and ugly within a decade?
We know of course that the BBC would have pots of cash if it did not squander it on cheap-jack failures like Vanessa and on third rate extravagances like its local radio network.
When it rained they splashed their way to the market, crowding round the cheapjacks' stalls; gazing at the glittering array of tawdry jewellery, watches, penknives, perfumes, soaps, combs; listening to the cheap-jacks' sales talk.