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credit available at low rates of interest

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Now, however, the equity houses of cards built on trillions of digital dollars are not worth the paper they're not printed on and can no longer be supported by cheap money policy.
In other words, the cheap money drug will keep dominating the market for a while longer, but will be administered in smaller doses.
For emerging markets Chinese gloom added more strain, compounding worries over the US turning off the taps on the cheap money that has been flowing to them.
In the case of financial markets the drug has been plentiful cheap money created by Quantitative Easing.
Emerging economies have benefited from cheap money as three rounds of Federal Reserve bond-buying pushed capital into their borders in search of higher returns.
Cheap money has in turn indirectly boosted the manufacturers who are now sitting on record order backlogs.
3 billion for Corus Steel in 2007, have struggled with acquisitions made in Europe and the United States in the era of cheap money before the financial crisis.
political standoff over debt, the Federal Reserve will put off winding back the supply of cheap money that investors have diverted to higher-yielding emerging markets around the world.
But rising house prices, fuelled by a rush of cheap money from the Bank of England and Government funding schemes, could derail the recovery.
92 ver But rising house prices, fuelled by rush of cheap money from the Bank of England and Government funding schemes, could derail the recovery.
There are some in the US who are of the view that the American economy is ready for the Fed to withdraw the stimulus, but the bulk of the cheap money supplied this far has ended up in emerging markets, and any tightening of policies in the US is bound to affect Namibia and other emerging markets negatively.
The dollar carry trade is the pool of cheap money that serves as the world's highly liquid source of funds for trading and investment.
Turkish assets have been volatile since the end of May when anti-government protests flared up, unnerving investors already worried by an expected slowdown in the flow of cheap money from major economies including the United States.
Raising banks' borrowing costs would be a U-turn on a policy drift which saw officials cut interest rates several times since September and the first responses from a major developing market to the Fed's own hints of a halt to its flood of cheap money.
These factors, combined with the cheap money provided by central banks in developed world, have been pushing asset prices higher.