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Synonyms for cantor

the musical director of a choir

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the official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical part of the service and sings or chants the prayers intended to be performed as solos


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Chazan develops a number of central theoretical arguments throughout the book.
One purpose of the animations used in the study reported by Nachlieli is to show the teacher do something in an atypical way (Herbst, Nachlieli, & Chazan, 2011).
Naomi Chazan is an Israeli academic and a pioneering feminist activist.
71) Chazan, "South Stream project may now be a pipe dream.
Chazan is one of 3,000 Polish doctors, many of whom work at state-funded hospitals, who have signed a "Declaration of Faith" citing religious reasons for their refusal to provide abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization and euthanasia.
In an article headlined aSouth Stream gas project may now be a pipe dreama Chazan highlights that the project has become aa symbol of the hardening of attitudes betweena Russia and the European Union since the start of the crisis in Ukraine.
For a review of this literature see Barry Chazan, "Does the Teen Israel Experience Make a Difference?
Brother of the late Larry Kimenker, Jerry Kimenker and Barbara Chazan.
Mortillet 1883), the Levallois technique has been associated with Mousterian, Middle Palaeolithic, and pre Homo sapiens occurrences, and given considerable chrono-cultural, technological and, more recently, cognitive significations (see Schlanger 1996, Chazan 1997, and references there).
Here the story is told in a historical essay by Robert Chazan (New York U.
The accompanying article, by energy editor Guy Chazan, reported that 14 new oilfields were coming into production this year triggering a historic rise in output.
Frischtak, Hyden, and Chazan are all explicit in their definitions that governance relates to the public or the collective good.
12) Naomi Chazan, , Peter Lewis, Robert Mortimer, Donald Rothchild and Stephen John Stedman , Politics and Society in Contemporary Africa, (Boulder, CO: Lynne Reinner Publishers, 1999), p.
Guy Chazan, Benoit Faucon &t Ben Casselman, "Safety and Cost Drives Clash As CEO Tony Hayward Remade BP" The Wall Street Journal (30 June 2010) at A1.
It bitterly portrays George Soros, Naomi Chazan, Thomas Friedman and a list of other Jewish leftists as competing with each other over the right to castigate Israel on the international scene.