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Synonyms for chaw

to bite and grind with the teeth

Synonyms for chaw

a wad of something chewable as tobacco

Related Words

chew without swallowing

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But Terry never really shows it on the outside, just keeps chawing away on all that bubblegum he keeps behind his seat in the dugout, and peering hopefully out on the field for things to change.
We gorged, chawing caramel till our jaws were sore,
Chawing away with his new jawbone, Bottom woke Titania with a rap version of "The ouzel cock," accompanied by air drums and air guitar.
Let's see if we can accomplish the real mission: impossible, instead of just chawing about a fictional one.
No one's ever gone as far as chawing tobacco, but smaller affectations- chewing gum while looking tough-are no less hilarious.