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Synonyms for chaw

to bite and grind with the teeth

Synonyms for chaw

a wad of something chewable as tobacco

Related Words

chew without swallowing

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00 ADV Source: calculations of the researcher Table 4-4: results of the determination of appropriate model in combined data Test results p-value Test Type of test Test statistics models Data integration 0/3129 2/1996 Chaw model model (1) model Pooled data -- -- Hausman model Hausman test 0/000 6/0894 Chaw model model (2) Panel data Fixed effect model .
As we walked toward the back of the mosque, it seemed as if hundreds of pairs of eyes were turned toward us, but then all of the men along the walls touched their chests over their heart and then raised their right hands, saying "Bakher Bey Sar Chaw.
2003; Bogler & Francisco-Ortega, 2004; Chaw et al.
And when he heard the word "Next," which referred to him, Ichabod swallowed his chaw and, on shaky legs, wobbled inside.
Our leader, ``Muskrat'' Bernt, is a rangy 45-year-old former rancher with silver beard, cowboy hat, chaw of tobacco and a master's degree in wildlife management.
I'll stick a chaw in my mouth and everything seems to get a little brighter," said pitcher Rick Reuschel.
Given the intensity of the argument he had, and given that he threw a chaw at umpire Angel Hernandez, Francona is likely to at least be fined.
Photo: (1) Former Kansas City Royals star George Brett slaps in a big chaw of tobacco during down time on bench.
Iii Improvement And Repairs Of Drainage At Porter Chaw Ccor Rms Sidheshwar Siding Rpf Barrack And Ganesh Hall At Solapur Iv Improvement To Pipe Line In Rpf Colony And Rb Ii 9 Building At Solapur
Adam Chaw, Corporate Vice President Ninetowns Internet Technology Group Company Limited Phone: +86-10-6589-9294 Email: adamchaw@ninetowns.
The manager threw his chaw at Hernandez and made a lot of contact with West along the way, so could be in line for a fine and suspension.
Chaw and Darwin (1992) describe pollen of Antirhea as inaperturate
And, frankly, if I ever saw Bill Bates walking toward me, I'd cross to the other side of the street before his chaw of tobacco hit the sidewalk.
When the commotion began on the sixth take, some of the bulls meandered down to the water's edge to take an experimental chaw of seaweed, one of them charged the director with intent to maim or kill, two of them began putting on an X-rated performance, and the rest just stood around enjoying the sight of all those advertising people nervously tearing their hair out.
Manu Rajan, Marketing Director of Airtel Ghana, announced this at the launch of a new data campaign called Browse Chaw .