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I hope such chauvinists realise that their insensitive humour could easily qualify as a punishable offence in many countries and communities around the world.
So, if Alan Churchman wants to help our local development and regeneration, I suggest he stops looking for a local fuhrer and addresses issues of power misuse by regional chauvinists like Hazel Blears and others like her.
Although Henderson no longer has Chauvinist in his squad, he begins the winter with new recruit
ARCHBISHOP Chrysostomos yesterday denied being a chauvinist, following comments earlier in the week that he identified a great deal with a nationalist extremist group.
Ante-post favourite Buckby Lane has stood his ground after returning from over a year off to score at Cheltenham in January while Nicky Henderson has Scots Grey and Chauvinist engaged.
Everyone here is familiar with the phrase, "male chauvinist pig.
QI MOVED in with my boyfriend recently and all of a sudden he's gone from New Man to male chauvinist.
Female chauvinist pig: a woman who defies all traditional stereotypes of prescribed femininity.
A devotee of the sexual revolution, he remained in many ways an unreconstructed, 1950s male chauvinist pig.
He had a very positive attitude towards women and was not in any way sexist or chauvinist.
But his condescending attitude toward most things Indian gets proud, independent Lalita's Indian up, even if she does think the chauvinist is kind of cute.
In hearings at Croydon Employment Tribunal that spread over six months this year, the woman claimed RAF personnel were "macho, chauvinist and almost tribal".
Rauf Denktash the Turkish Cypriot proconsul of the occupation, is a renowned hardliner and chauvinist.
John, the horseracing expert, is a real eccentric and should be entertaining - even if he is a male chauvinist.
The Russian masses, meanwhile, overlooked the nuances of Stalinist ideology and welcomed the new rhetoric as the outright promotion of Russian nationalism; for some, the shift even became a license to express chauvinist, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic views.