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Synonyms for chauffeur

a man paid to drive a privately owned car

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drive someone in a vehicle


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"Nothin' doin', kiddo," came the answer, as the chauffeur measured with hard, wise eyes the crumbling edge of the road and the downfall of the outside bank.
"You needn't be a road-hog because you're a Rube," said the chauffeur. "We ain't a-goin' to hurt your horses.
After a nervous consultation, the chauffeur obeyed, and the car backed up the hill and out of sight around the turn.
"Takln' all night about it?" came the chauffeur's voice from around the bend.
Summoning her maid and chauffeur, she issued instructions rapidly.
He was a chauffeur as ugly as sin--not that this did him disservice with Charles, who thought charm in a man rather rot, and had soon got rid of the little Italian beast with whom they had started.
"Now, mind you don't forget, for I--Come, little woman." When they were out of the chauffeur's sight he put his arm around her waist and pressed her against him.
The chauffeur must, as it seemed to me, have been a novice or else have lost his nerve in this disturbance, for he drove vilely on the way to the station.
I sat in front with the chauffeur, but behind me my three comrades seemed to me to be all talking together.
The driver of the waggon seemed undecided, and the chauffeur, running slow but disregarding some shouted warning from the crossing policemen, swerved the auto to the left, violating the traffic rules, in order to pass in front of the waggon.
Before the chauffeur could back clear, an old Irishman, driving a rickety express waggon and lashing his one horse to a gallop, had locked wheels with the auto.
The fur-coated chauffeurs bulked dimly in their seats.
How about the chauffeurs? Were they trusted men like "our" Mr.
Interpelle, un chauffeur a fait semblant de stationner avant de redemarrer faisant des agents des forces de l'ordre des victimes d'accident de la route.
Blacklane, a global chauffeur service, has announced it has partnered with national charity Miracle Flights to offer airport transfers for families of sick children flying for medical treatment, the company said.